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7 Types Of Heels You Could Wear At Casual Events

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7 Types Of Heels You Could Wear At Casual Events

Nowadays, it is essential to make a strong fashion statement everywhere you go. It’s not just about a woman’s nature to look her best, but it’s also about the societal expectations from a woman to look fashion forward. Considering those expectations, a nice pair of heels can up your ante in terms of being fashion forward. From celebrities endorsing designer heels brands to local influencers flaunting their newest pair of heels, the trend of wearing this type of footwear has been on the rise since decades.

Casual events can sometimes leave you confused or in a dilemma of what you could wear. Sometimes unlimited options can be a curse rather than a blessing. Nonetheless, it is important to make a smart choice by weighing out the pros and cons of each option. After doing some intense research, we’ve compiled the top 7 heels you could wear at casual events and look amazing.

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  1. Block Heels
    Thanks to the Multipurpose nature of these heels, you could literally wear block heels everywhere. It’d be stupid to not consider them as they look feminine, are super comfortable and easy to carry. They make a strong fashion statement and make you look chic with any outfit. You can walk around in them without feeling uncomfortable even for hours!
  2. Mules
    The newest version of heels which are appropriate for all kinds of occasions, Mules are the Ultra Modern and classy footwear option. There are many variations of heels but most come with an open toe and a slip on style. They consist of low heel height which makes them easy to wear and carry. You can look stylish, yet be at almost comfort while wearing them.mules
  3. Espadrilles
    Have a reunion with friends or want to catch up with an old friend over lunch? Grab a pair of espadrilles which are the jute inspired heels that exude comfort and effortlessly chic look. They are super comfortable and breathable. It is so easy to walk in a pair of Espadrilles owing to the maximum support offered by them. Get some printed espadrilles and pair them up with a t shirt and jeans to look effortlessly stylish.espadrilles
  4. Wedge Heel
    Similar to Espadrilles, wedge heels offer maximum support and ease the pressure off your feet. They look modern and classy. Wedge heels are suitable for women of all ages. They come in various styles and designing, but you could get them in suede material to make them best suited for casual events. Even leather material wouldn’t look that bad.wedge-heels
  5. Kitten Heel
    Another convenient pair of heels that you could consider for casual events are kitten heels. Featuring a low heel height design and consisting of an ever lasting charm, they make the ideal pair for any kind of casual hangout. They can come in a closed toe or an open toe design. You can look for unique ones with a strappy look so you can customise your look entirely!kitten-Heels
  6. Stiletto Heels
    Never considered flashy or too simplistic, stiletto heels make the best pair for any occasion. Pair up some stiletto heels which are glossy with jeans and shirt for an effortlessly classy appeal. You can add a few inches to your height as well by wearing these timeless classics. They come in many variations which you can browse through to make your picks wisely.stiletto-heels
  7. Slingback Style
    Slingback heels are the new fashion fad. The strappy look can be alluring and classy at the same time. They offer support to your feet and prevent any slip offs which are common in slip on styles. They make you achieve that put together look, yet exude femininity and chicness at any casual event like a small hangout with a friend.slingback-heels

Final Thoughts

On a concluding note, it can be said that as long as you are opting for something upbeat and modern, you’ll be good to go for casual events. The good thing about these events is that you can wear any heels compared to formal events, as long as they do not consist of too many flashy items. A simple bowtie on the toe area or a buckle strap can go a long way in casual heels, so do look out for such features!

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