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Comfortable Heels For Standing All Day – No Tired Feet

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Women and heels have always shared a love and hate relationship. While it can be a pain to wear those long and narrow heels, at the same time, they help in making a statement like no other by elongating your legs and making you appear super attractive. Thanks to the modern technology, women can have the best of both worlds – comfort and alluring heels.

You read that right. As much as we’ve prayed for this to happen, many designers across the world have been coming up with newer version of heels which get more comfortable every time. From cushioned footbeds to being optimized for comfort, you can have it all in the modern era. Here are some of the comfortable heel options that you can have to stand all day in and have no tired feet!

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  • The Classical Wedge Heels
    Oh the ever convenient and classy – wedge heels. A woman’s hero. In times where we dread the idea of our arch being on edge and extreme pressure for hours, wedge heels come to the rescue by offering utmost balance and stability to the arch. Featuring a heel extending from the back of the shoe to the front of the shank and having a tread formed by an extension of the sole – they allow you to stand all day long without tired feet. They’re ideal for outdoor events. The Classical Wedge Heels
  • The Dramatic Platform Heels
    Contrary to the popular belief that only stiletto heels can make your legs elongated and attractive, platform heels can be the ultimate show stoppers. Coming with dramatic and jaw dropping looks along with a thick sole and a thick heel, they offer you a chunky base and often with a lug sole to give you more support and balance for you to walk all day long without experiencing any discomfort. You can’t go wrong with these!.The Dramatic Platform Heels
  • The Casual & Old-School Clog Heels
    Not so Old-School anymore though, clog heels are available in a plethora of contemporary designs. From renowned brands like Gucci coming up with a classy pair of wood inspired slip on clog heels, the trend is here to stay! Fortunately for you, clog heels don’t come with a high heel height and neither do they put pressure on your toes, owing to the levelled out heel shape with a thick sole and bottom. They can help you stand all day long with confidence without tired feet by the end of the day. The Casual & Old-School Clog Heels
  • The Modern And Classy Chunky Heel Pumps
    Don’t like the idea of your ankles spraining right after you put on a pair of narrow and high stiletto heels? Not to worry! Thanks to the updated version of block heels, chunky heels feature a thick heel shape which gives you a sturdy grip over your steps. If you pair up chunky heel style with that of a pump – the results are glorious. You can never go wrong with this combination. You can stand all day while your feet will be thanking you for putting them on. The Modern And Classy Chunky Heel Pumps
  • The Ultra Feminine and Charming Kitten Heels
    For all the girly girls who love exuding the feminine vibes everywhere they go, kitten heels are the best option. Not only do they come with a convenient heel height, but they also ooze sophistication and elegance at its best. With a low heel height, you’ll feel confident over your steps and be able to stand in them all day by making heads turn. The Ultra Feminine and Charming Kitten Heels

Some Advice For The Aftermath:

Let’s say you get yourself any one of the heels mentioned above, it’s important that you take some precautions afterwards to rest your feet and avoid long term issues like sprains or any other foot problem. Here’s what you can do after you’ve been in heels all day long:

  • Soak up your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes.
  • Relax and call it a day by using a foot massager.
  • Rest your feet as much as you can! Once the event is done, be sure to not wear the heels at home and give your feet as much comfort as possible – preferably by remaining barefooted or in plush slippers.
  • Be sure to invest in heels with cushioned footbeds if you have to wear heels everyday or get yourself some gel inserts or padded insoles to pamper yourself with extra comfort.

Final Thoughts

That having said, it brings an end to our article. Don’t give up on the idea of heels when you can modify it according to your preferred level of comfort. Follow the advice mentioned above and you’ll be good to go! Browse through the designer brands like Cole Haan, Prada, Valentino, Aquazzura and many others to find yourself a high end and comfortable pair of heels to get you going on your everyday events.

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