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Best Kitten Heels To Buy in 2023

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After getting used to wearing flats and slippers because of COVID-19 and staying indoors, it is quite natural to experience a sense of dread setting in, as you lay your feet in six-inches long, stiletto’s best heels for events and parties. For that very purpose, we all needed a transitional pair of heels to get us back on track, and that is where kitten heels gained popularity. Characterized by a small platform, these good-quality heels gracefully walk the line between casual and formal, though opinions differ along the way.

The uber-chic, comfortable, and completely versatile kitten heels have a long history dating back to the ’50s. Nonetheless, these pretty heels make the perfect fit for most occasions. Striking the balance between casual and formal, let’s dig into the top picks of the types of high heels for The Best Kitten Heels out there, based on the brands, quality, as well as prices.