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What are Kitten Heels?

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What are the Kitten Heels?

Are they heels or are they flats? Many are torn apart in trying to figure out this dilemma. In reality, they are low height heels, with a thin heel that usually measures from 1.5-2 inches. It has a uniquely indented placement of the heel at the shoes’ sole and subtle, curved shape. This makes you get a more feminine look.

Gone are the days when you had to wear sky-high heels to appear more stylish. Today, the lower the heels, the bigger the impact. This is what we see on fashion ramp walk too. Renowned brands like Dior and Charles and Keith have too, come up with some modernized look of kitten heels in the form of boots and mules.

Thanks to Audrey Hepburn for popularizing these, kitten heels are more than just a happy medium, they’re more like a fashion statement that gives you a more refined, sophisticated and trendy look. However, the traditional silhouette of the kitten heels has been greatly challenged by designers over the past decades. Now we see kitten heels in the form of mules, flip flops, boots as well as sandals.

What are Kitten Heels?

Before we dissect other aspects of kitten heels, let’s dig into the history of kitten heels.

History of Kitten Heels

The term kitten heel was coined in 1950s and the concept is often credited to Christian Louboutin. The fashion style though, has been in and out of vogue historically. King Louis XIV used to wear these to make himself appear taller, more powerful and royal. His red heeled shoes were thought to have inspired Christian Louboutin, which became his trademark later on.

It is said that the name ‘kitten’ was given to these heels because traditionally, these were used as training heels for young girls (aka kittens) who were not ready to wear the high heeled stilettos.

Why Wear Them?

The reason is obvious – they are super comfortable and elegant. No one has the energy to wear high heeled stilettos at work all day, even during hours long of travelling. It can be stressful, both for your back and your feet. Kitten heels give you a refined, put together look to rock the entire day without you having to find chairs to sit down and rest your legs.

Another reason to wear them is that most celebrities are pulling them off incredibly well. So, why should you stand second in this trend? Be it a casual day out or a formal get together, you’re sure to leave a great impression with a pair of suer stylish and classy kitten heels.

Celebrity wearing kitten heels

What Type of Kitten Heels Should You Pick?

Since we’ve already mentioned how designers have challenged the traditional kitten heels look, let’s dive into the diversified versions of kitten heels that you can wear based on your fashion preference or occasion.

  • Mules – The very popular, mid-season shoe that goes well on any outfit. It has open back which makes it ideal for mild temperatures. In addition to that, a mule’s pointed toe allows for an elongated legs look, besides instantly uplifting the look of your outfit.Summer season brought dreamy hues like lilac and platinum for you to flaunt off your subtle and pastel look. However, you know what they say, when in doubt, go for black. So, you can go for the All-time sleek black mules too.Mules Kitten Heels
  • PumpsModernize your everyday look with a pair of stylish pumps. You can never go wrong with these – office, party, day out, a walk in the streets, pumps go well on all occasions. Though preferably, mid-fall season is considered to be the most popular to wear these, they can go well with just a simple pair of jeans or oversized sweaters too. With a minimalistic, yet sophisticated look, you can experience comfort all day long with these too. You can opt for pastel look or even neon colours for a more bold and defining look.
    Kitten Heels in Pumps
  • Boots – The brisk days surely make us all confused as to what we should put on – especially on our feet! It’s quite difficult to choose something that is a combination of all three: comfortable, protective, and stylish. Boots are the perfect choice for such days, since you can go for a lace look, long heeled boots or even simple ones.They are comfortable to wear and make you look super classy. They can perfectly complement a trench coat in such days. These are sure to give you those New York vibes, whenever you put them on with a long coat.
    Kitten Heels in Boots
  • SlingbacksThese have evolved from the open end mules, to streamlined look with a heel strap to secure your foot meticulously. It is very comfortable to wear throughout the day and won’t stress out your feet. You can try a bright violet suede slingback along with many others that are trending these days. You can also never go wrong with pulling off black slingbacks for a causal day out.Kitten Heels in Slingback

On a concluding note..

Hands down, from health and fashion perspective, kitten heels are your safest bet. Modernized with many new styles and prints today, you can grab your pair from the nearest store as these are readily available and up for grabs. Below are some of the summarised benefits of kitten heels.

  • Purely aesthetic – accentuates your figure.
  • No typing or buckling required with mules – saves time and effort.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Greater walkability – owing to the low heel size.
  • You won’t get the terrible heel blisters with these.
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