Hi fellow stiletto lovers. My name is Kathie Hart and Stiletto Woman is a childhood vision that became reality for me. I have been drooling over shoes since my childhood and that passion has grown with me. Like the wine that gets richer with every year, my passion gets bigger with every year that passes by.

I have been writing about shoes since the times diaries were a big thing and since the world has moved on to a more digital era of blogging, Stiletto Woman came into being.

Stiletto Woman is a place where you will find all the best shoes in every category including Stilettos, Pumps, Ankle Straps, Marie Jane, T-Straps and much more. I have personally hand-picked the best choices in each category to give you the best from the lot, saving your time and energy in searching from a random shoes aisle. All information related to specific shoe is written down which sometimes gets lengthy because of the fact that I like to write every piece of detail about the shoe. This also saves me from the guilt of holding back a piece of information that could have been useful.

So yeah I am like the Stiletto Queen who honors every shoe and gives them equal status.

Now let’s get to the boring stuff that FTA states to be disclosed.

At Stiletto Woman, you will find links affiliated with,,, and few other great online fashion websites,  When you click on the links, some might go to the affiliate websites and I might receive a small compensation that will help me put another stiletto into my collection. Clicking on those links will not cost you anything extra. In case you fall in love with the shoe from those links and decide to buy them.

All in all, affiliated links are good. You can click them free of cost and you can buy shoes from those links without incurring any additional charges.

Advertising is one element that we cannot resist and I may or may not accept forms of cash advertising. That depends on my mood and I totally have all rights to my own mood.

Furthermore, all the shoes listed on Stiletto Woman are a complete guide based on my own research, experience and opinions to help you understand what you should be looking in a perfect shoe and make your shoe shopping an easy breezy task.

Please do not claim any warranty, compensation, claim or further services from Stiletto Woman other than advice, suggestion and opinion related to shoes. For all other matters contact the manufacturer or the vendor.

Kathie Hart