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Best Block Heels To Buy in 2023

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Block heels have been a fad forever. These convenient, square-shaped blocks in the form of heels, help women get the feel of wearing heels without having the need to wear the ever-alluring, stiletto, sharp, and narrow type of heels. Block heels rank much higher in terms of comfort and ease of wear. These heels can be a few inches long or even go higher, up to six inches. However, owing to the nature of their shape, they offer more support to your feet as compared to the other types of high heels

These classy heels can be worn on any occasion, be it formal or casual, you’re sure to look great with the perk of additional inches in your height too. Block heels, in the contemporary world, have evolved into many shapes as well. The block heel can be further narrowed to form the shape of a triangle and many other shapes as well, adding more to the style of the heel, and making them seem less boring. Nonetheless, these heels are the most comfortable heels along with being economical and useful.

Benefits Of Wearing Block Heels:

Take a glimpse below at some of the benefits of wearing them:

  • More comfortable heels and cause less pain as compared to other high-heel shoes.
  • You’ll be less prone to getting foot sprains as a result of tripping or falling, which is common in stiletto heels, owing to the steep shape.
  • Offer superior balance and support.
  • Appropriate for all kinds of occasions.
  • Available in both, shorter and longer inches.