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What Are Square Toe Heels

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There’s never really an end to any fashion trend within this industry. Even if the particular style dates back to the 70s, you’re sure to witness the newer version of it in the 21st century. Take an example of mommy jeans, kitten heels, Mary Jane heels and a lot more. Similar to that, square toe heels, too, date back to the 90s. These heels are becoming a stylish heel icon and the traditional round toe left quickly as it had arrived. It’s all about sharp and sleek square toe heels now.

These square toe heels feature the 9,0s vibes, with a modern finesse and look. Women love to flaunt the new styles and have embraced the 90s throwbacks into their wardrobes for a change too. High waisted jeans, silky slip dresses and even thick kitten heels, all have made their way into the 2000s effortlessly. Square toe heels are the top fashion fad and there is no ambiguity about it. The retro silhouette of a sharp lined square toed heel has officially hit the fashion runways.

Why You Should Wear Square Toe Heels:

One thing that we absolutely admire about square toe heels is that they’re versatile, in a sense that you can wear them at any occasion ranging from date nights, parties to meal outs and bottomless brunches – they can make a strong fashion statement on any event. They make you look super chic and sleek. They also give off formal vibes, but they’re suited to informal events as well. The strappy and embellishments styling of square toe heels can win the heart of any woman! Here are some more reasons why you should wear these ultra modern heels:

  • Super comfortable for city strolling or casual walk in the park, etc.
  • Heel heights may vary. This means the tall girls can benefit with low height square toe heels too!
  • They’re great for seasons like summer and spring. They’re useful and very convenient.
  • They can be pricey, but investment in these type of heels will be fruitful in the long run as they’re multipurpose and go well with most outfits. Also, they’re suited to two or more seasons, depending upon your styling choices.

Celebrities Who Love Wearing Square Toe Heels

It’s not just us gushing over these beauties, but celebrities have too embraced the 90s trend! Here are some who love to flaunt their square toe heels:

  • Priyanka Chopra
    Sophie Turner’s sister in law, Priyanka Chopra loves square toe heels. She proved that she’s a fan of these heels by wearing shiny gold square toe heels multiple times, at many occasions. She was spotted wearing these at the airport in Mumbai. The Quantico lead actress made sure she made a strong fashion statement by adapting to the 90s trends.Priyanka Chopra
  • Hailey Baldwin
    Keeping it low-key, casual and super chic, Hailey has never failed to make heads turn with her effortlessly stylish outfits. She’s also a die hard fan of square toe heels as she was spotted in one of Bottega Venetta’s square toe heels. She paired them up with baggy mommy jeans and a crop top, achieving the effortlessly stylish look.Hailey Baldwin
  • Rihanna
    She’s not just a singing sensation, but also one of the fashion icons who millions follow. From her bold choices in terms of nail shapes, to her adventures and daring makeup looks, Rihanna never disappoints! She’s also a fan of square toe heels. Recently, she was spotted in a white attire with white square toe heels in which she made sure that she achieved the put together look in her public appearance.Rihanna

Final Thoughts

Having said that, if you’re a trend follower, by now, you must have had more knowledge about square toe heels than this article summaries. Nonetheless, they’re a great option for all those who want to look confident, bold, sleek and stylish. They’re suited for corporate wear for this reason too! We already mentioned how they serve as a multipurpose solution for all your fashion problems, hence you can resort to these in desperate times.

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