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What Are Platform Heels?

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From the Spice Girls to the rock musicians, dating back to the 60s and 70s, platform heels have been a popular fashion fad since quite some time now. Thanks to the thicker sole which is made up of cork and plastic, it allows more balance and support for your feet and body to put you at ease. From slingbacks, to pumps style, and from pastel colours to bold and printed versions, platform heels never fail to leave you stunned.

Platform heels can be so high, that just wearing them can make you feel like you’re defying gravity. They can cause serious strain in your feet if worn for prolonged periods, especially if you’re driving as you won’t be able to gauge the pedal pressure accurately. Medically, too, there’s a risk of developing a condition known as flatfoot. Nonetheless, similar to stiletto heels, they do have their drawbacks, but platform heels have a fun-loving appeal which the young adults and teenagers seem to enjoy and they best suit their preferences

What Exactly Are Platform Heels?

Platform heels can be defined as heels that have a thicker sole along with a raised heel, which enhances support to the feet, but can cause foot sprains owing to the increased height. As compared to stiletto heels which have a flat sole with a raised heel, platforms offer a convenient way to balance out your feet, but at the cost of risk of developing foot sprains and other related issues in the long run.

How Did They Gain Popularity?

As mentioned above, the trend started with the rock musicians and The Spice Girls, but platform heels were spotted on fashion runways of the renowned and most luxury brands like Gucci, Valentino, Saint Laurent and others. Besides that, the heels style is seen emerging at red carpets and press appearances. The talk of the town, Millie Bobby Brown, soon after her success in Stranger Things, was also spotted wearing platform heels. Moreover, their most on-demand pre-owned styles came from Prada, Versace and Saint Laurent.

Weighing The Pros and Cons Of Platform Heels

Pros Cons
They’re very comfortable. Unlike thin and long stiletto heels, platforms have thicker soles too, which maximises support. They’re extremely thick – not suitable for human biomechanical behaviour. You may end up falling down because they’re very high and can make you feel unbalanced after some time.
Super stylish and chic. Wearing platform heels can make you look extremely fashionable and attractive. They exude boldness and confidence. They may disrupt your daily life functioning including ability to drive effectively, cause foot sprains and similar issues.
Symbol of status and power. In China, platform heels were a symbol of high status and ordinary people couldn’t wear them. Sole material is thicker so it can feel very heavy and may cause joint fatigue and lesions. They can make you feel tired easily.

Top Platform Heels Versions:

  • Platform Heels with a Slingback Style
    These can make you look extremely fashion forward as slingback style is considered as ultra modern version of heels. If you combine both, it turns into an uber-chic version of heels.Platform Heels with a Slingback Style
  • Platform Heels In Neon Colors
    Get a striking neon pink, yellow, orange or any other similar color to make your look pop. Neon Colors can make a dull appearance look exciting and fun. They’re best for parties and to make a strong fashion statement.Platform Heels In Neon Colors
  • Platform Heels with an Ankle Strap Design
    To make sure your heels don’t slip off, get an ankle strap design to achieve a more dramatic appeal as well. They can grip your feet well and they’ll also make you look more trendy.Platform Heels with an Ankle Strap Design
  • Platform Heels with Block Heels Design
    The all time classic version of platform heels which also suits to contemporary fashion trends, block heels design with platform heels can offer you more support and balance. They’ll make you appear more stylish and ladylike too.Platform Heels with Block Heels Design

Final Thoughts

On a concluding note, it can be said that platform heels are sure to make a strong fashion statement and leave a lasting impression on your audience. They can boost your height and make your legs elongated too. If you’re a trend follower, then you’ll absolutely love keeper a pair of two of these ultra chic platform heels.

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