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Best Square Toe Heels To Buy in 2023

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The 90s trend of sleek square toe heels has officially kicked in. Say goodbye to the boring round toe and point toe styles, 2023 is all about rediscovering old trends and making them ultra modern to suit the contemporary needs. Take mom jeans, kitten heels and similar fashion fads for example. All have evolved into much more convenient and chic versions which are loved by all the style icons, including celebrities too! From Kendall Jenner to Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift, all the celebrities are seen gushing over the 90s trends which also includes square toe heels.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Square Toe Heels:

Anyone who cares about fashion and knows how to style will definitely have square toe heels in their wardrobe. Even if they don’t, they’ll soon start adding a pair of two to their heels collection. With brands like Gucci and Guess coming up with the most unique square toe heel designs, the trend is expected to grow further. But before investing in such heels, here’s what you should consider:

  • Your Individual Requirement

    All of us have our own reasons to wear square toe heels. If the reasons include wearing them for a casual night-out, then a strappy version of the square toe heels would be more appropriate. On the other hand, if you are the one who prioritizes fashion above societal norms and would love wearing square toe heels to formal occasions too, then you can go for the silver embellishments on these heels. Whatever the case may be, make your picks wisely.

  • Who Should Buy Square Toe Heels?

    Women who are upbeat and bold, those who have adventurous and creative fashion tastes, should buy square toe heels as they exude confidence, femininity, and an alluring charm.

  • Features To Look Out For

    Square Toe Heels can come with a strappy look, embellishments, buckles, various textures, heel shapes, heel height and a lot more. You can pick the one that best suits your needs as you browse through the popular designer brands like SJP, Ted Baker, and others.