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Types of Stiletto Heels You Should Be Wearing Based On The Occasion

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Regardless of the new vogue we see around us, one thing is for sure – heels are a woman’s best friend. It’s arguably reasonable when Marilyn Monroe said that give a girl a pair of heels and you’ll see that she would be able to conquer the world. Though we do recognize the other important elements of accessorizing and clothing, what most women ignore is the element of shoes when it comes down to putting on the perfect attire.

Did you know that research shows people judge us psychologically on the basis of our shoes. Shocked? We thought so. More so, research adds that well maintained and attractive shoes can convey a meticulous image, regardless of the accuracy. Two of the aspects people instantly make snap judgements about when they look at your shoes include,

  • Openness
  • Agreeableness

Now that we know the importance of good shoes, it’s also essential to know the appropriateness of wearing them based on the occasion. For example, if go for a casual walk in the day wearing ballroom heels, you may come across as a bit zany. So, to make this task of selection easier for you, we have discussed the appropriate heels that you can wear on each type of occasion.

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1. Formal Occasions

Going to an annual party, graduation, prom or a wedding? These are the heels you should be pulling off well:

  • Ballroom Heels – ankle straps with closed heels make a great combination for dancing. So if you’re going to a prom or a party, you’re sure to not go wrong with these.
    Ballroom Heels

  • Stiletto Heels – want to carry the heels that will perfectly accentuate your figure? Stiletto Heels should be your go-to. Since they are very tall, it’s best worn for a formal occasion as it can be quite uncomfortable for an informal occasion.

  • Chunky Heelsbest for Chic formal parties as they have square shaped ends making it very easy for you to walk and stay stable.

2. Casual Days/ Informal Occasions

Want to rock your every day outfit with just the perfect stylish and fabulous heels? These are sure to leave you amused.

  • Slingback Heelsusually worn with midi dresses, these make the perfect choice on your attire to run daily errands, grabbing a bite in town, etc. They support the back of your heels too.
    Slingback Heels

  • Ankle Boots – similar to high heeled boots, these cut off way earlier rather than stretching longer all the way up your legs. These look classy and casual at the same time. It would be best if you wear it in fall/spring season when high heeled boots aren’t required.
    Ankle Boots

  • Sandal Heels – the best ones if you’re aiming to wear a summer dress. It’s easier to walk in them which makes it perfect for casual wear as they are sandals with heels attached to them.
    Sandal Heels

  • Lace-Up Corset Heels – planning to wear shorts or rolled up pants? Then you should go for these beauties!
    Lace-Up Corset Heels

  • High-Heeled Boots – we see many celebs wearing them in winter. And therefore, mostly appropriate for the winter season, these can go perfectly well with a pair of skinny jeans and a long trench coat. It can give you a whole new look.
    High-Heeled Boots

3. Workplace/ Working Women

Working at an MNC or do you have some workplace attire rules to follow? You can never go wrong with formal wear. However, workplaces requirements differ from formal settings too as you’re required to move around a lot. Here’s what you should consider wearing:

  • Oxford Heels – planning to wear a button down shirt with a pair of skinny jeans? Wearing Oxford heels can up your professional look for sure.
    Oxford Heels

  • Kitten Heels – hate wearing high heels, yet you still have to? Then look no further, as kitten Heels are perfectly suitable for workplace activities as well as casual colleague outings. They are not high heeled and will not make you uncomfortable. You can walk in these for hours and not get tired.
    Kitten Heels

  • Platform Heels – by far the most suitable heels you can wear at your workplace to add an extra formal touch to your apparel. These can be worn on suits or classy dresses to appear more sophisticated. These are very comfortable to wear as compared to other heels too.
    Platform Heels

4. Suitable For Any Occasion

“When in doubt, wear black!”. We’ve all resorted to this legendary advice at least once in our lives, or maybe we still do. This applies to heels as well. Some can be worn on any occasion. These include:

  • French Heels – want to go for a vintage and mysterious look? Try these! You’re sure to not be left disappointed. Though these were worn in the old times, but can be worn today on any outfit.
    French Heels

  • Pumps – don’t we all want to wear heels, yet not wear them at the same time? Pumps are not very long and only 2-3 inches, making them very comfortable and ideal for everyday wear or even formal occasions. These are by far the most popular ones. Read our Pumps VS stiletto heels guide

  • Wedge Heelsmuch like pumps, these too, aren’t very long. Absolutely comfortable to wear and ideal for any occasion, wedge Heels can add a classy touch to nearly any outfit.
    Wedge Heels


We realize how difficult the task is of selecting the most appropriate heels for any occasion, therefore we hope this article suited you well. All in all, confidence is all you need to pull off a great pair of stiletto heels.

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