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The Top 5 Brands For The Best Espadrille Wedge Heels In 2024

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Top 5 Brands For Buying Best Espadrille Wedges

The fabric jute can literally make us go back in the 50s or even earlier when the material was used to craft chairs, beds and even shoes! You’d be surprised to know that the jute material was preferred by the craftsmen of that time to design a good shoe. However, as time went by, newer versions of jute inspired shoes came about ranging from Toms sneakers, espadrilles wedges and a lot more.

Espadrilles are jute inspired heels which consist of a jute material sole and heel that offer you maximum support and balance. They make walking a breezy and easy task. You’ll be able to gain a few inches and you’ll be able to look chic at the same time. Espadrilles can come with lace up style, ankle strap design or with a tie up design. Here are top 5 brands for the best espadrille wedge heels in 2024.

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  1. Sam Edelman
    Needless to say, the brand excels in offering excellent quality of footwear to its customers. Sam Edelman has been around in the market for quite some time now and is the go-to brand for most women. The Espadrille wedges of Sam Edelman can take many forms like platforms, flats, lace ups or even a strappy look. You can make you picks wisely with this one.Sam Edelman Espadrille wedges
  2. Kate Spade
    From floral prints to summer colors, Kate Spade offers all in one solution for all your fashion concerns. Whether it’s a beach party or a casual stroll, you’re sure to find the best Espadrille wedges at Kate Spade. The brand promises utmost comfort to its customers, so you’ll feel super comfortable walking in them too. Besides that, the brand is quite well reputed too.Kate Spade Espidrille Wedges
  3. Kenneth Cole
    You may have heard about the brand quite frequently. Kenneth Cole is the definition of excellence in quality and comfort. One pair of Kenneth Cole heels can last you for a lifetime. The Espadrille wedges by Kenneth Cole ooze modernity and creativity. They can come with elastic brands to grip your feet or with a strappy look. Their heel height may go up to 3-3.5 inches which is good enough for any woman.Kenneth Cole Espadrille wedges
  4. Steve Madden
    A list without Steve Madden’s name would be incomplete. The brand offers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Espadrille wedges by Steve Madden are sure to have you impressed in a second. Their Espadrilles can come with transparent straps with a jute bottom. They can have multicolored straps or just plain colored ones. The choices are limitless with Steve Madden as they have a lot to offer. Investment in a pair of Steve Madden espadrille wedges won’t disappoint you.Steve Madden Espadrille wedges
  5. Michael Kors
    A brand that has been around in the market for a really long time now and has been one of the market leaders within the fashion industry too. Famous for the MK logo, Michael Kors defines luxury at its best. From its handbags to its breathtaking, stunning heels, you can never get enough of Michael Kors. Espadrilles wedges by Michael Kors come with a glossy and matte look. They can come with leather straps and a jute bottom. Besides that, their designing may vary from ankle straps to buckle straps along with slingback styles, and a lot more.michael kors Espadrille wedges

Final Thoughts

Having said that, this brings an end to our article. Espadrille wedges can look super chic and fashionable for everyday events. In the modern times, wearing something traditional with a contemporary touch can up your ante in terms of looking fashion forward. There are many other brand options that you could explore, but the above mentioned ones may make your task of finding the appropriate heels easier for you!

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