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What Are Fantasy Heels? Designs You’ll Find In Fantasy Heels

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Fantasy – a term we use to describe things or matters which fall under magical thinking. Anything bizarre, impossible, or beyond imagination. This can be depicted on a positive note, though. Fantasy can also be associated with creativity. Hence, the same applies to fantasy shoes, which can take the form of heels or flats. Fantasy high heels are the kind of party heels that are ultra-modern and unique, oftentimes in a glamorous way.

In the present day, many kinds of heels may amuse you. However, for special occasions like Easter, Halloween, Christmas Parties, and New Year’s Parties, you may prefer fantasy high heels which stand out from the crowd. Fantasy high heels are the way to go if you want to make heads turn as you walk into a room filled with fashion-conscious people.

What’s So Special About Fantasy Heels?

Some of the wildest and most exquisite summer fantasy heels are designed by renowned designers across the globe including Manolo Blahnik, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jeffrey Campbell, and many others. All of such brands reinforce the idea of boldness, modernity, and uniqueness in all elements. This is what piques the audience, especially women, the most. This explains why most women find themselves gravitating to such fantasy shoes.

Here Are Some Of The Top Designs You’ll Find In Fantasy Heels:

Though you’ll find a plethora of designs when it comes to summer fantasy heels from embellishments to exotic prints and much more, you’ll be stunned at how women end up nailing all the looks, regardless of the event or design. With designers like Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Loewe coming up with timelessly trendy pieces of fantasy shoes, we’re pretty sure you want to dig into the specifics too.

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Without further ado, let’s pitch in some of what we’ve discovered about fantasy high heels.

  • Butterflies and Flowers
    You’ll often find summer fantasy heels with butterflies and flowers embellished over them. These party heels may come in the form of stiletto or platform heels, which can help you make a strong fashion statement. Some embellishments in gold or white and even neon colors can add finesse to your appeal, making it hard for anyone to resist looking at you!Butterflies and Flowers
  • Wedge Heels with Leaf Designs
    The popular collection of ultra-gorgeous, fantasy shoes by Alexander McQueen has surely left everyone stunned. The designer came up with innovative wedge heels with a leaf design and butterflies adorned, which is a great choice for all the informal occasions where one needs to look the best.Wedge Heels with Leaf Designs
  • The Gladiator, Pom Look
    This one’s to make you the center of attention. With the high ankle straps and the intense, dramatic look of pom summer fantasy heels covering your toe, you’re sure to make jaws drop as you pass by. This look can be the ultimate show-stopper. They’d be ideal for parties and clubs, especially if you have to perform.The Gladiator, Pom Pom Look
  • Jewel Embellished Heels
    You read that right! Fantasy Heels can take the form of sparkly, jewel-embellished party heels which can uplift any one of your dull-looking outfits. This look can be mesmerizing and ooze ultimate finesse along with royalty and extravagance. Shower yourself with some luxury by going for this exquisite and well-defined look to make a strong fashion statement.Jewel Embellished Heels

Final Thought

Unless you have a costume show, a Halloween party, or a performance at a bar or a club, we wouldn’t recommend fantasy shoes for a casual event and let alone a formal one. Since the fantasy sandals scream attention and flashiness, they are better suited to events that require just that. Though these summer fantasy heels can come in handy someday, it’s safe to have a pair or two in your closet to add variety to your heels collection and to keep them for a rainy day. Browse through the designer brands fantasy sandals mentioned above to make your picks for the best fantasy heels out there.

Notably, many people confuse fantasy heels with embellished heels. Though both of them can be the same, there’s a marked difference in the level of flashiness. Where embellished heels may only consist of elegant pieces of decorations, fantasy party heels can overdo the look to make you stand out from the crowd. This can be good and bad, depending upon your own personal preferences. That is having said, we wish you the best for your fantasy heels exploration on the internet. We’re sure they’re going to keep you interested for a long time, especially if you’re a boisterous and adventurous sort of person.

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