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What Are Oxford Heels?

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In the world of contemporary fashion, little space is left for traditional and classic to be on top trending. However, there are areas which still demand a bit of classic, old school styles within the paradigm of fashion. Fashion choices can have us all confused, but going for classic is always a safe bet for both men as well as women. Whether it’s an interview or a wedding event, some laces can kick it up a notch for your overall look.

In your desire to stand out and look unique, Oxford Heels can serve that purpose just right. Besides that, Oxford shoes have evolved into many versions, making them quite versatile. From sneakers, to men’s shoes and women’s heels, they make a great choice for all fashion enthusiasts. So, before digging into other specifics, let’s first discuss what Oxford Heels are.

What Are Oxford Heels?

In general, Oxford Shoes are the kind that have laces. They have closed lacing. Similarly, Oxford Heels are characterized by laces too. They resemble ankle boots and wedges that are stacked and sturdy. Nevertheless, they are stylish and classy, and suitable for formal as well as informal events.

Now that we know what they are, it’s also important to discover the history of Oxford Heels.

History of Oxford Heels

Blurry beginnings with clear endings was the story for Oxford Heels. The origin of the heels dates back to the 1880s where Oxford Shoes were first introduced. Rumors have it that they were first worn in Ireland and Scotland. However, the term was popularized amongst Americans as well. Later on, these type of shoes were hyped up by the university students known as ‘Oxonian’.

Today, we have closed laces, low heels with exposed ankles taking the different form of Oxford Shoes, amongst which, are Oxford Heels. They’re easy to wear than the long stilettos and much more classier. Most women prefer wearing these at workplace or otherwise, as they are fairly easy to carry and can look good on anything, from formal to informal attire.

What Type of Oxford Heels Should You Pick?

Here are a few ideas as to how to wear Oxford Heels and for which occasion they’d be suitable for.

  • The Classic Lace Up Oxford Heels – Going to an important meeting or an interview? Pick these stunning classic lace up Oxford Heels to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Not only will you look sophisticated, you’ll also have a put together look. This types of Oxford Heels can go with any outfit, however, would be more suitable for formal wear if you’re a fashion Nazi.
    The Classic Lace Up Oxford Heels

  • Cowboy Style – Going for horse riding or related activity? Make sure to get yourselves a pair of cowboy style Oxford Heels. Not only will you be able to easily carry them, but they are lightweight too, so you’re sure to make the most of your adventures. They’re suitable to wear in spring and autumn seasons with a long dress, jacket or shirt.
    Cowboy Style

  • Leather It Up – Winter wear is almost always sophisticated. Therefore, footwear needs to be that too. Don’t be afraid to leather it up a bit this winter by getting yourself a pair of leather Oxford Heels. Not only will you rock the classic style, but it will also compliment the contemporary fashion requirements. Pair these up with a long trench coat and you’re sure to look stylish and chic.
    Leather It Up

  • The Dance It Up Oxford Heels – Going to a dance party or a dance class? You can’t go wrong with this heels. Dancing in heels can be a pain, however these types of Oxford Heels can put your mind and feet at ease, while you dance away your worries while looking your best and not ending up falling. Sophisticated, yet charming, these type of heels should be on the list of favourites of women.
    The Dance It Up Oxford Heels

  • Bow-Tie Laces – Simple, but significant are the key words to describe such Oxford Heels. Suitable for any occasion and any season, these types make a unique pair to make you stand out in a crowd and make a strong fashion statement. Pair these up with a midi dress or a skirt and you’re sure to amaze your audience.
    Bow Tie Laces

Should You Wear Oxford Heels?

On a concluding note, Oxford Heels are a great choice for all types of occasions to make sure you pull off the exquisite look perfectly. Since there’s a wide variety of choices when it comes wearing such heels, you can really enjoy browsing through various stores to look for the most appropriate one for yourself.

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