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What Are Chunky Heels?

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Femininity seems to be on the rise ever since the feminist movements started where increasing awareness about the genders was widespread. Part of this included bold and controversial fashion trends which also involved the use of heels. Since heels are the type of footwear that can accentuate a female’s figure, especially legs, more emphasis was placed upon coming up with improved versions of them. However, not everyone is able to carry heels very well.

So, have you ever wanted to wear heels, but were always afraid of tripping because of the thin and long stiletto heels? Well, if the answer is yes – we have a good news for you as you’re not the only one. Since we already acknowledged the fact that improved versions of heels have been coming up which has made it easier to carry them well, whether at workplace or a party. Chunky heels are one of the types of heels that are modern and improved wedges.

That’s right. This means that you can easily carry them well too. They are making it to the top trends of the season too. These heels feature a sleek look that is combined with comfort and practicality of wedges. A solid and appealing look makes them look versatile, bold and easy to walk into. As compared to delicate stilettos, chunky heels are less likely to make you end up tripping owing to it’s well balanced design that your feet will thank you for!

Let’s dive into the history of chunky heels before heading on to other discussions relating to it.

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History of Chunky Heels

It was only after the invention of block heels that during the 70s, space for platform heels and chunky heels was created. The seeds were planted soon after the popularity of block heels grew further. It was in 1965, when Roger Vivier came up with pilgrim pumps featuring a block heel design that was square heeled. This seemed fresh and modern at the same time.

During that era, women were going on roads and wanted to move for the women’s movement. For that purpose, they were seeking silhouette in which they could ‘move’ easily in, and the block heels served the purpose just right. It was discovered that not only were they easy to carry, but made a strong fashion statement too, according to women. This is what lead to the creation of chunky heels.

Why Wear Them?

As women, we want to wear the best footwear, but it’s usually at the cost of our own comfort and our feet probably curse us each second for wearing them. Sure, sneakers and flats can be comfortable, but not always stylish or chic. To get the balance between comfort and chic, you should opt for Chunky Heels as they’ll make your legs look sleek and you won’t even get tired of wearing them.

Chunky Heels are light and simple without the hassle of excessive complicated straps to secure them, maybe just one or two. Besides that, they’re becoming a top trending fashion footwear, so why not join the bandwagon? You’re getting best of both worlds by enjoying the comfortable design along with looking your best with the range of chunky heels collection that’s readily available.

What Type of Chunky Heels Should You Pick?

  • Formal Ones – You can easily wear chunky heels to business meetings or workplaces and even interviews. You can pull off a formal and professional look by pairing up a blazer, midi skirt and some formal chunky heels to leave a lasting impression on your audience.
    Formal Ones
  • Neutralizing Ones – Ever had an outfit that had a flashy color or was too wild? Try to neutralize it with chunky heels which won’t steal away your thunder and yet make you look sophisticated at the same time. You could simply pair up chunky heels with a jumpsuit or a maxi/midi dress.
    Neutralizing Ones
  • Flashy, Make-A-Statement Ones – Some chunky heels are simple, but some are quite complex. But with the right pair, you’re sure to make a statement. Try different colors and patterned chunky heels with simple dresses, particularly monochrome ones and you’re sure to rock your outfit.
    Flashy, Make-A-Statement Ones
  • Informal Ones – It’s good and safe to keep it classy, but it’s important to keep it significant too. In such cases, it’s rather stupid to put on simplistic formal chunky heels to a rave party or related informal events. To make sure your look stands out in the crowd, you need to be on top of your fashion trend – the party looks of chunky heels can go long way. Simply pair up a pair of skinny jeans and a tee with chunky heels or a long dress with chunky heels.
    Informal Ones

Should You Wear Chunky Heels?

A short, but valuable answer would be – definitely. It depends on preferences of each individual, however, owing to the ‘on the go’ lifestyle of women these days, chunky heels are the best way to go. Keeping it chic and sleek, while at the same time, walking with comfort can make you feel more confident and self assured about your outfit as a whole. So, go ahead and flaunt your feminine self by getting a pair of chunky heels for yourself.

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