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What Are Pumps Heels?

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Types of Pumps

Whether you’re going to a formal event, party, or casual event, pumps are the way to go about it. A woman’s safest bet is to settle for pumps as they can never go wrong. They’re also known as court shoes and are one of the most popular types of shoes a woman can wear. There’s a spectrum of pumps which ranges from basic to classic. The basic form has closed counters and a cutout top line which shoes the top of the foot starting at the toe box, whereas the classic pump has a seamless vamp and is made without ties, buckles or laces.

Pumps are not just a trend of the modern day, but it dates back to the 1500s when even men used to wear them. The royals were expected to wear them with heels while the servants wore them without the heels. These were called ‘pompes’. Later on, the pompes transformed into embellished versions worn by women. Today, we have many versions of pumps which we will discuss in this article, but first let’s dig into its history.

History of Pumps Heels

Did you know that pumps were so expensive that only royals could buy them? They even became a symbol of power and prestige which the politicians back in those times used to flaunt. These shoes were worn by the elite classes of Rome, Greece and Egypt. Pumps became a fashion fad when wealthy politicians and rulers of Renaissance counties like France, Spain, Italy and England started wearing them frequently.

During King Louis XIV’s reign, these pumps were worn by men in the royal court and it was a rule not to enter the court if they were not wearing red colored pumps. Even when riding on a horse, men from elite classes used to wear pumps to ride comfortably. Fast forward to French revolution, the pumps got banned soon after it. However, after a few decades, they were back in fashion, thanks to the women of Europe who started the trend again.

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Why Wear Pumps Heels?

The thing about shoes is that they must look good on your feet and most women opt for uncomfortable shoes in order to make their feet look good. The amazing part of wearing pumps is that they are light and easy to wear. They don’t require any straps to secure them and nor to they come with complicated buckles to attach. They are so popular today because they are the go-to shoes which can be worn on any occasion as they go well with any outfit (e.g., dress, shirt/trouser, etc.).

Besides that, pumps add an aura of glamor to an outfit, be it casual or formal. It creates a more sophisticated and put-together look. Apart from them making you appear taller; they also fix your posture and accentuate your figure by making your legs seem longer and making the arch of the foot more defined. Celebrities and even the women of the royal family of England are mostly seen wearing pumps. The picture below shows the designer pumps Kate Middleton is seen wearing.

What Type of Pumps Heels Should You Pick?

  • Classic Pumps – are simply made and simply worn. They do not consist of any straps or buckles and are lightweight. They can be the perfect option for a casual night or day out with friends and even a formal dinner.
    Classic Pumps
  • D’orsay Pumps – are more refined and embellished version of pumps. It gives your feet a very nice shape owing to the curved downwards design. They can be great for a party or hangout.
    D’orsay Pumps
  • Mary Jane Pumps – if you are a fan of straps, then look for Mary Jane pumps only. They consist of a single strap and can be worn on birthday parties or other events.
    Mary Jane Pumps
  • T-Strap Pumps – if you’re someone who loves straps, then opt for these. T-Strap pumps look a bit extra, but can be perfect for parties. We would, however, advise not to wear these to work. Classic pumps may be the best option for work.
    T-Strap Pumps
  • Slingback Pumps – if you’re looking to go for a sleek and modern shoe wear, then definitely go for these. They’re not that hard to wear either and can give your foot a nice grip from the back.
    Slingback Pumps
  • Peep Toe Pumps – if it’s your annual prom or ballroom dance sort of an event, then peep toe pumps would work best. They come with a nice bow and they come without any straps or buckles. Therefore, they’re easy to put on and carry as well.
    Peep Toe Pumps
  • Ankle Strap Pumps – another way to change your shoe-game would be to opt for these hip ankle strap pumps. They accentuate the shape of your legs and they’re easy to carry too.
    Ankle Strap Pumps
  • Summer Wedges – if you’re scared of heels and don’t have much practice to walk in them, then summer wedges would be your savior. They give your feet balance and you can walk easily in them as compared to other options. They’re the best option if you’re going on a trip which requires a lot of walking.
    Summer Wedges

Should You Wear Pumps Heels?

The answer is very simple – Yes, why not? As mentioned earlier, pumps go well with any and every outfit and on all occasions. They’re the ultimate savior if you’re an indecisive person about clothing. They’re easy to carry, won’t stress your back or your legs, make you look more elegant and feminine and many famous people wear them. So, go ahead and get yourself some classy pumps!

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