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Salvatore Ferragamo F-Heel – Variety & Ways To Style Them

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What are F Shaped Heels

We live in a highly competitive world where everyone wants to get their hands on the best possible things. That leaves heels and fashion as no exception. Even for casual strolls, some women want the best, color coordinated heels with their outfits to look fashion forward. In the attempt to look fashionable, they may pursue newer versions of heels too which includes that of F-Heels.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s F heels include a curved heel which forms a unique shape of it, creating an impression that the wearer’s foot is flying through the air. The idea came about because of Ferragamo’s efforts and is now prevalent across the globe. Many renowned designers have been coming up with F shaped heels and they’ve been the talk of the town for quite some time now.

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Styles In Which They’re Available:

  • Three bands style
    F heels may come in the form of backless style with three bands look that can grip your feet well without making them slip off easily. Besides that, you’ll be comfortable in them as you can walk easily and they will fit you perfectly. Also, they’re available in an array of colors too, with a transparent heel color which can add to the beauty of the entire look.Three bands style
  • Mules Style
    They may come in a classical mule style in which you simply slip them on with a one wide strap, covering half of your toe. The open toe which make them breathable and they’re mostly lightweight too. Also, even with these, they’re available in a range of colours for you to choose from. They can make you look super chic and fashionable.Mules Style
  • Pearl Embellished
    Another really chic style that you could try if you’re tilted towards embellishments. With pearls all over the straps and the heel, these can make a strong fashion statement in parties or even at weddings where you should be wearing flashy yet classy heels. You can’t go wrong with this style as they’ll be a good addition to your heels collection too.Pearl Embellished

How to Style F Heels:

  • Short Suits
    You can pair up the f heels with structures shorts and a blazer for an elevated take on the summer suit. Take your wardrobe up a notch by combining elegance with chicness by getting yourself a pair of white or black f heels which can go well with any outfit. While the white may uplift the outfit, the black heels can take it down a bit. Having one of these in your wardrobe will do you more good than harm.Short Suits
  • Tailored Trousers
    You can get tailored Trousers or on trend fitted pants with ankle slits, and pair them up with a gorgeous pair of f heels to make a strong statement. F heels would look best on tailored pants if you’ve got them in a slingback style which can make you achieve he put together look in general. Tailored Trousers
  • Day to Night
    The diverse and the ultimate keepers, f heels can be the ideal fitting for a polished and professional look. Think in terms of corporate wardrobe. They’d also be great for Friday night hangouts. From day time to evening, these elegant pairs won’t make you disappointed for a second. You could also try f heels with a slingback style and socks on, if its the winter season going on Day to Night

Final Thoughts

That having said, the ultra modern, contemporary classics and the type of heels everyone’s been gushing over, F Heels surely deserve the hype. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also very stylish which can make you appear attractive too. If you want to exude your ladylike charm then look no further and opt for the stunning f shaped heels

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