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What Are Gladiator Heels

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Overtime, everything has evolved, from the way manufacturing is done, to the retailing which is mainly digitalized now – fashion doesn’t get left behind either. Many fashion trends have evolved into newer and more ultra modern versions like kitten heels mommy jeans and even gladiator heels. The heels which started off as the most basic and utilitarian type of a footwear – something solid offering more protection in terms of the sturdy grip soon became the marker of status and rank.

It is no surprise that in today’s era, gladiator heels are a symbol of confidence and are associated with a higher status signifying alluring aura and a common fad in the pop culture. They may come as t strap sandals with many straps running across the front of the foot which may be paired up with a midi dress. They’re also commonly worn over net tights to accentuate the legs and to look more attractive.

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Who Should Wear Them?

Gladiator heels are definitely not for the shy and meek ones. They are for the women who are independent and confident. These heels have the power to draw attention to the ever rising hemlines and newly exposed legs, so they’re more appropriate for the ones who are boisterous, outgoing, blunt and more upfront about their fashion choices. Here’s a list of women who need to get gladiator heels at prompt:

  • Young Teens who like to go to parties
  • Adult working women who have to attend many events
  • Club workers
  • Women who like to try daring outfits on Halloween can pair up some gladiator heels with the outfits too

Pros and Cons At A Glimpse

Without delaying it any further, let’s now head onto discussing the pros and cons of wearing gladiator heels. These daring and adventurous heels can be paired up with anything, especially dresses and skirts. They’re available in an array of options from flats, to low height to sky high gladiator heels, you can find them all at the renowned brands.

Also, if you want to get an additional height boost then go for the sky high or medium height heels which can make you look super chic and help you make a strong fashion statement as well! With the right amount of exposure, you can nail the gladiator heels look effortlessly. Make sure to colour coordinate the heels well with whichever outfit you plan on wearing.

As much as it seems all fun and games, the gladiator heels can have some drawbacks too. Sure the heels are striking, bold and eye catching but they can give you foot sprains if you go for the sky high ones. Also, they may seem a bit too extra at times, so you may come off as over dressed for a particular event, especially if it’s something formal and you have to look sleek.

Another drawback is that not many women love the strappy look and managing them can be another hefty task. Besides that, it can be quite time consuming and energy draining to put them on and have straps covering your legs for prolonged hours. You may even experience blood flow issues and in worst cases, your legs may feel numb too.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it can be said that gladiator heels are not that commonly worn as compared to other convenient heel types like stiletto and mules which are more suitable for the on-the-go type of a lifestyle, but they still make a popular choice for events like Halloween, ball, prom, beach parties and a lot more. That having said, you can browse through the designer brands to explore your options in terms of comfort, styling as well as durability to make the best pick. Good luck!

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