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What Are Wedge Heels! What Makes Them Perfect Footwear?

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We all know that it-hit summer’s footwear – wedge heels.  We’ve all seen them in various shapes and sizes on literally everyone. It’s safe to claim that it’s one of the most popular footwear amongst women, owing to the comfort in walking. They’re also known as wedgies or lifties and may take form of heels and at times, boots too.

Suitable for all kinds of seasons, the it-hit summer wear can range from casual to sophisticated which makes them perfect for any event – be it an office meeting, a party or a wedding. Even if you need to go for a walk on the street, wedge heels are the way to go. Being the safest best for women, they can provide them with an instant confidence boost along with a few more inches to make them look taller without them having to feel any discomfort at all!

Gone are the days when heels were a pain and a torture for women – those thin and long stilettos may have been a saviour in making you appear taller and attractive, they completely failed at providing you with comfort of walking and you may even have had to go through the post-heel pain in your ankle – since most ankle pain are a result of that. Fortunately, all of that goes away when you opt for wedge heels, that’s how resourceful they are.

What Are Wedge Heels?

Wedge heels are the type of footwear that firms a wedge shape which comprises o the bottom of the shoe extending from front till the back with a raised heel which acts as both, the sole and heel, making them comfortable to carry. Owing to the versatility of the shoe, they can be worn all year round with any ensemble.

History of Wedge Heels

The first classic wedge shoe was designed in 1930s by an Italian designer, Salvatore Ferragamo. The wedges back then has steals to secure the foot and didn’t comprise of any distinct heel as such. Owing to the shortage of leather and rubber during WW2, wood and cork were the materials used to create the heel. These were one of the first shoes to have gained immense popularity by the early 1940s.

With added height and comfort, the thin, skinny heels soon fell short on demand as compared to the wedge heels. Wedges were worn with shoulder pads by women to enhance their silhouette, back in those times. These heels were back in style in the 1970s where feminism soared and there were more working women who needed comfort wear. Not just that, but the media also hyped up wedge heels in videos and movies.

Why Should You Choose Wedge Heels Over High Heels?

  • They aren’t high heels – and that should be a reason enough. Truth be told, we have all at some point in time, stumbled or fell down because of high heels and embarrassed ourselves to the core. With wedge heels – you’re much more safer and unlikely to trip.
  • Stable and keep your arch supported – since wedge heels allow your foot to touch more surface area, it can take off the pressure from the ball of your foot and not just that, but also with better arch support, you’re sure to have happier feet.

Types of Wedge Heels That You Should Know About

  • Casual – Espadrilles – If you want to keep things casual, put on some espadrilles. Be sure to rock these in spring and summer seasons in which they’ll be the most appropriate. These simple and chic looking wedge heels are sure to stun your audience and help you make a strong fashion statement.
  • Professional, Fashion-Forward – Oxford Heels – Aiming to look sophisticated while being able to walk with confidence? Oxford wedge heels are the way to go. With the smoothest heel, you’re sure to make your meeting or formal party an event to remember for yourself as well as that for others by making yourself stand out from the crowd.professional-fashion-forward-oxford-wedge-heel
  • Mysterious look – Peep Toe Heels – Another very sophisticated piece of footwear that leaves a lasting impression includes peep toe wedge heels. Perfect for most occasions, it shows just a glance of your toes, leaving behind some mystery. It makes a stylish, sleek and chic footwear for women. Pair these up with office wear or party wear attire and you’ll be doing great.
  • Winter Galore – Wedge Heels Boots – Winter wear can be classy, but one wrong move and you’re out of the fashion game. This is where footwear becomes essential. You can pair up your trench coat with wedge heel boots to make sure you look stunning, whenever you get confused on what to wear. This minimalistic and classy shoe wear can have you walking comfortably and looking elegant at the same time.

On a concluding note, wedge heels are the superheroes for women. In a world where women have unlimited choices in terms of fashion, it can be a hassle choosing the perfect type of shoes from the lot. This is where wedge heels come to save you – they can be worn at any time around the year! With so many different types of Wedge Heels, we hope our article helped you pick out the best one for yourself the next time you shop. Happy browsing!

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