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Best Platform Heels To Wear in 2023

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Scrolling through your Instagram only to come across thousands of influencers wearing platform heels is not a new thing anymore. It seems like platform heels are growing as a trend, which is a strange choice as we are still navigating between a pandemic and non pandemic situation. Nonetheless, during such uncertain times, fashion choices can get bold and adventurous too.

People have had it with the flats and slippers, staying indoors and the monotonous routine. We are now transitioning back to the normal ways of living whereby stiletto heels are a top priority of every woman. Designers all over the world have put in extensive efforts into manufacturing comfortable, yet trendy platform heels to cater to the massive demand.

Before we head on to discussing which platform heels are the best, let’s first briefly understand what is the purpose of wearing them.

The bold and alluring platform heels consist of not only chunky heels, but also a chunky and thick sole which complements the heels. This makes it super easy to walk in them.