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Dream Pairs – Stiletto Heels Brand Review

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In the world where e-commerce has thrived and technology is dominating, a business would be losing out on a lot without an online shopping platform, besides the physical retail store. Online presence can be more powerful than that of a physical retail store. We learned this especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people resorted to all kinds of online platform to shop for necessities and fashion accessories as well. Dream Pairs is one of the efficient online fashion retailers that emerged recently and has made quite a lot of improvement in the domain of footwear.

About Dream Pairs

Dream Pairs was founded in 2013 and it started out as an independent Amazon seller with a passion to change the fashion footwear game. The founder of Dream Pairs, Brian Cao, started his career with his three friends in a warehouse located in New York in 2013, aiming to provide affordable and trendy footwear for the public.

It is headquartered in the United States and its products are available on many online platforms, therefore anyone around the world can access them. The target market of the brand includes fashion-conscious women who want to feel empowered as they wear the stunning stiletto heels. The age range can be anywhere between 20-40.

The Types of Heels Available at Dream Pairs

Dream Pairs offers a range of stiletto heels for women under the category of heels.

Types of Heels Sandals
Block Heels
Stiletto heels
Platform wedges

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Who Wears It?

Even though it is an American-inspired brand, people wear it across the globe, including Australia, UK, and Canada too. It is not very popular amongst the celebrities, however many local influencers on Instagram or other social media platforms may be seen wearing a pair or two in their photographs or casual strolls.

The brand is not just limited to influencers or models, even you can get a pair or two easily from various platforms. Even I have a pair of heels which I bought from Dream Pairs which I absolutely adore. They can last you for a long time too!

Is it for me?

Dream Pairs can be the go-to place for you if you love economical solution for all your fashion problems. If you’re a trendy person and love wearing fashion forward heels, then you’ll love the brand as it offers versatility and diversity at its best. On the other hand, if you’re the type who prefers comfort more than styling, then Dream Pairs can cater to your needs too!

Criteria Based Rating: Dream Pairs

Design & Style 8.5/10
The brand oozes finesse and creativity in terms of fashion trends. From comfortable and casual wear to formal and stylish heels it has it all.
Colour Range 7/10
Offers a good range of colours which are suited to everyday wear and special occasions.
Affordability 8.5/10
You can easily get a nice pair under $40 at Dream Pairs. Most of the heels are priced under $100.
Celebrity Preference 1.5/10
The brand is not popular amongst celebrities as they prefer investing in high end, designer brands, but its quite popular amongst influencers.

Similar Stiletto Brands like Dream Pairs

  • Similar to White Fox Boutique, Dream Pairs is an economical solution for all your heels problems. You can get a stylish pair at a very cheap price. You can get lucky if there’s a discount too!
  • Similar to Banana Republic, Dream Pairs offers unique and stylish heels designs which make your legs more attractive, featuring ankle strap, lace up and many other styles.

Some of the Best Dream Pairs Stiletto Heels!

Where To Buy Dream Pairs

Some of the platforms where you can find Dream Pairs Heels at:

When Do You Wear Dream Pairs Stiletto Heels?

Types of Heels Suitability Rating
Casual 8.5/10
Party 8/10
Formal 7.5/10
Bridal 6.5/10

Dream Pairs – Shipping and Return Policy

Countries Shipping & Return Policy
United States Shipping: 3-7 days

Return: within 30 days of the original ship date.

United Kingdom Shipping: N/A

Return: N/A

Canada Shipping: N/A

Return: N/A

Australia Shipping: N/A

Return: N/A

At A Glimpse: Customer Feedback Regarding Dream Pairs

Based on the customer reviews online, most of them are satisfied with their purchases. They claim that the heels are super comfortable and sturdy. Moreover, some of them claim that because of the padded insole, it feels like they are walking on air. Asides the stunning designing, the heels fit perfectly too. On the contrary, some of the customers are dissatisfied with the customer service and the company’s policy relating to the refund processing. All in all, it is a good brand to consider.

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