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LifeStride – Stiletto Heels Brand Review

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Surely, heels accentuate a woman’s figure. That is why they are considered as the most important and non-negotiable accessory in every woman’s life. Though the thought of wearing sky high heels that are narrow towards the end, may scare off a minority, most women get excited when the topic revolves around heels. Newer and modern versions have been coming up, thanks to the hard work and dedication of designers who are working relentlessly to create opulent styles for women, LifeStride is one of the American-inspired brands which emphasizes on doing the same.

About LifeStride

Caleres Inc. is an American footwear company that owns and operates a variety of footwear brands, which also includes LifeStride. The company was founded in 1875 and LifeStride is headquartered in the United States. Operating under the main company, LifeStride is the go-to option for most working women as well as those who love buying chic designs.

It has many physical stores across the globe and has an online website where you can place an order at any given time. The target market of the brand includes young women who are interested in being fashionable and in opulent designs which make a strong fashion statement. It also targets women who are professionals and are working somewhere, looking for corporate heels.

The Types of Heels Available at LifeStride

LifeStride offers a range of stiletto heels for women under the category of heels.

Types of Heels Stiletto Heels
Block Heels
Platform Heel
Slingback Heels
Comfort Heels

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Who Wears It?

Even though it is an American-inspired brand, people wear it across the globe, including Canada, UK, and Australia too. Some of the celebrities who love the brand include the following:

Celebrities Who Wear LifeStride:

  1. Jennifer Aniston
  2. Selena Gomez
  3. Kendall Jenner

The brand is not only for famous people or influencers. It is generally aimed for the majority as it is not considered as a high-end or premium brand. Even you can get nice pairs of heels from LifeStride and they’ll be good use of money too.

Is it for me?

If you’re the fashion-forward, stylish, but a money-smart person, then you would love to buy LifeStride heels! Besides that, LifeStride will give you a great value for money. Not only do the heels last longer, but they’re super chic. From casual to party type heels, you’ll find them all here. If you’re the kind of a person who doesn’t like to do a lot of work finding the best heels, then LifeStride will be your saviour and all-in-one place to get your grabs.

Criteria Based Rating: LifeStride

Design & Style 8.5/10
The brand has chic and modern heels. From comfortable and casual wear to formal and stylish heels it has it all.
Colour Range 7.5/10
Offers a good range of colours which are suited to everyday wear and special occasions.
Affordability 8/10
You can get a nice pair under $50, and if there’s a sale going on, you might even be able to get it under $40.
Celebrity Preference 2/10
Celebrities tend to go for high-end, premium brands, but some of them don’t mind investing in a good economical pair for a change.

Similar Stiletto Brands like LifeStride

  • Similar to Aldo Shoes, LifeStride is a great brand for workplace heels. You can get professional heels easily at such brands which makes it easy to add diversity to your corporate wardrobe.
  • Similar to Ann Taylor, LifeStride offers a plethora of heel designs which are unique and opulent, featuring ankle strap, lace up and many other ultra-modern styles.

Some of the Best LifeStride Stiletto Heels!

Where To Buy LifeStride

Some of the platforms where you can find LifeStride Heels at:

When Do You Wear LifeStride Stiletto Heels?

Types of Heels Suitability Rating
Casual 8/10
Party 7/10
Formal 8.5/10
Bridal 4/10

LifeStride – Shipping and Return Policy

Countries Shipping & Return Policy
United States Shipping: 1-15 working days

Return: US-based customers can return unworn shoes for a refund or exchange for a different size/color within 45 days.

United Kingdom Shipping: N/A

Return: N/A

Canada Shipping: N/A

Return: N/A

Australia Shipping: N/A

Return: N/A

At A Glimpse: Customer Feedback Regarding LifeStride

Based on the customer reviews online, it can be said that the customers seem to love it. They claim that the heels are true to size, and they are extremely comfortable. Most customers claim that the heels of LifeStride act as running shoes in which you never feel tired. They fit perfectly, and do not pinch you anywhere around the foot. Besides that, they are practical and best for everyday use or for corporate wardrobe. It’s safe to say that investment in these shoes will not disappoint you, so get your grabs at your earliest.


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