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7 Types Of Heels You Could Wear At Your Workplace

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7 Types Of Heels You Could Wear At Your Workplace

Heels are a woman’s favourite accessory and there can be no doubts about that. Whether it is adding a few inches to your height, or it is simply to look feminine, ladylike and professional – heels are the ultimate saviour. In a world of stiletto thin heels, there are various other versions of heels available too like block heels, kitten heels and many others!

Considering the glitz and glam of stiletto heels, women love to wear them everywhere. However not all heels are appropriate for all situations. You can’t just wear a pair of embellished heels with rhinestones to a work meeting, unless you want to look like the odd one out. Hence for workplaces, it is important to be mindful of the kind of heels you’re planning to invest in and flaunt. Here’s a list of heels that you could wear at your workplace:

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  1. Pump Heels
    Sophisticated, easy going, classics and professional, pump heels ooze modernity and ladylike vibes. You can never go wrong with a pair of slip on pump heels with a glossy or matt glow if you’re planning to go for an interview. Pump heels accentuate your feet and make them appear like royalty as you walk around. They’re sure to leave a lasting impression. Pair up some black pump heels with a dress pant, and you’re sure to get hired!pump-heels
  2. Oxford Heels
    Another great pair of heels to consider for workplaces would be Oxford Heels. These heels exude professionalism and ultimate grace. They have a long history and have been associated with a higher status. They’ve been the symbol of power and they were worn by elites. The stereotype has been carried forward into the 21st century as well. So a pair of Oxford Heels with a dress pant or a dress for everyday office wear or a meeting will have everyone awestruck!oxford-heels
  3. Kitten Heels
    A really chic combination for workplace would be to pair kitten heels with office attire. Thanks to the timeless and feminine grace of kitten heels, they’ll make jaws drop, owing to the professionalism and cuteness exuding from your look. They’re a tell-tale way to make sure your look is on point and not flashy. Also, they generally come in a low heel height, making it easier to walk around at office.kitten-heels
  4. Mules
    Apart from the ones listed above, mule heels are the modern version of all others. Though they did evolve from the former ones, mules are the ultra modern version of heels. They exude classiness and timeless sophistication. They come in a low heel height and a slip on style. Mostly mules do not have ankle strap or anything covering the back of the foot. These freestyle heels are easy to wear and exude the laid back yet professional vibes.mules
  5. Slingback Style
    A newer version of heels which is prevalent across the globe. This new fashion trend has been on the rise and women have been going above and beyond to acknowledge this trend by investing in slingback style heels. These heels come with a strap covering your feet. The strap is usually thin. They can either come in an open toe, peep toe or a closed toe design. Nonetheless, they make a strong fashion statement and are suited to workplaces as well.slingback-style
  6. Block Heels
    If your job requires you to walk around, then block heels can be your ultimate saviour. The unparalleled comfort and style that they offer is second to none. Block heels have a unique charm which never goes out of fashion. It is super easy to walk in them, they’re lightweight and low maintenance. All the qualities required in a workplace setting. The square block shaped heel gives your feet more support throughout the day.block-heels
  7. Stiletto Heels
    Last, but not the least, Suits, the American TV show is a prime example of how you can rock the office look with a pair of stiletto heels. If you have your own cubicle and do not need to walk around a lot, then stiletto heels are the best way to leave a lasting impression on your audience. They are the timeless classics which can never go wrong.stiletto-heels

Final Thoughts

All in all, workplace heels must be comfortable yet stylish. You need to leave a good impression, and at the same time, be comfortable and not make your feet curse you. So, make your picks wisely and we hope you found this article helpful.

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