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Walk With Confidence With The Most Comfortable Heels For Wide Feet

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The Most Comfortable Heels For Wide Feet

People with wide feet often find it difficult to wear high heels comfortably, especially with the current trend of pointed pumps.

Many still remember going shoe shopping and coming back empty-handed because you fail to find the best heel for wide feet.

Therefore, if you’re feeling uncomfortable in most “regular” shoes, don’t worry – many others are experiencing the same struggle. In this article, we’ll delve into some comfortable high heels for wide feet!

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9 Types of Heels for Wide Feet

  1. Block Heels
    Block heels for wide feet are the perfect option for people with wider feet because, as their name suggests, they have a substantial and stable heel design.
    They provide exceptional support, ensuring comfort and balance. With the addition of a matching strap and a wide heel structure, your ideal pair of block heels for wide feet are perfect choice!
    These block heels for wide feet, are appropriate for a variety of casual occasions and offer both style and comfort.
    Block Heels
  2. Closed Toe Heels
    Closed toe heels for wide feet are a wonderful choice for individuals with broader feet as they offer enhanced stability and support, resulting in improved walking comfort.
    It is crucial to find the right fit – snug but not overly tight or loose close toe heels for wide feet. Allow some room for your toes to move freely while ensuring that your heels do not slip out when walking.
    Closed toe heels for wide feet can certainly be paired with dresses to bring an element of sophistication to your overall ensemble. However, it is important to select styles and colors of closed toe heels for wide feet that complement each other for a coordinated look.
    Closed Toe Heel
  3. Platform Heels
    Platform heels for wide feet are designed with a thick sole, usually ranging from 1 to 4 inches (3 to 10 cm), and are known for their comfort. They can be a great option for people with wider feet as they prioritize ease of wear. These platform heels for wide feet offer versatility and can be worn for various occasions while still ensuring maximum comfort.
    Moreover, custom platform heels for wide feet have become popular among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts due to their ability to seamlessly combine style and comfort.
    In recent times, women’s platform heels for wide feet have gained immense popularity across all age groups, not just teenagers. They truly make a bold fashion statement that is embraced by everyone!
  4. Strappy tie-up Heels
    Strappy heels are another comfortable high heels for wide feet due to they provide additional support through the straps. This design feature helps distribute pressure evenly across the foot, relieving strain on the toes and improving balance with the assistance of the heel.
    Strappy heels commonly come in block heel styles that offer both stability and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, these shoes can be found in various options including thin and thick strap variations, catering specifically to those who require extra width for their feet.
  5. Braided Mules
    Braided sandals are the current trend for summer that you will see everywhere, and they are a perfect option for high heels for wide feet. These sandals come in different styles, with designers adding their personal touch to each.
    Whether you are going to the pool in a swimsuit or attending a wedding in formal attire, braided sandals complement any outfit. Individuals who have wide feet can rejoice because these sandals offer options in various widths, ensuring both comfort and style. Neutrals provide versatility while colored choices add a playful element to any ensemble.
    Therefore, individuals with wider feet can confidently choose braided sandals as their fashionable and comfortable choice for the summer season.
    Braided Mules
  6. Crossover Sandals
    For individuals with wider feet, a single thick strap across the front of sandals may not always offer an ideal fit. This is why crossover styles are often favored as comfortable high heels for wide feet.
    This style provides additional material, allowing for easier adjustments and ensuring a comfortable fit. People usually tend to gravitate towards soft leather heels for wide feet that feature knotted and twisted fronts as my preferred choice. Not only are these options readily available in regular sizes, but they also cater well to those with broader foot profiles by combining style and comfort seamlessly.
    Crossover Sandals
  7. Wedges
    Wedges are an excellent option, particularly for individuals with broad feet who may encounter difficulties when wearing regular heels and stilettos.
    These high heels for wide feet expertly combine style and comfort. Wedges provide ample space for your feet, a padded sole, and exceptional ease of movement while walking.
    For those with wide feet, wedges offer a practical and comfortable footwear choice that effortlessly balances both fashion and stability.
  8. Platform Mule Sandals
    Platform mule heels are currently in fashion and have become quite popular as comfortable high heels for wide feet. The heeled shoes, including pumps, sandals, wedges, and mules, are making a comeback with their stylish appeal reminiscent of Bratz dolls.
    The added benefit for individuals with wider feet is that these elevated heels for wide feet offer more comfort compared to stilettos. Moreover, they bring a fun and trendy element to your wardrobe while effortlessly combining style and comfort – making them an excellent choice for those seeking both.
    Platform Mule Sandals
  9. Ankle Boot Heels
    Ankle boots are a popular choice as comfortable high heels for wide feet that can add a stylish touch to any outfit. One great feature, especially for those with wider feet, is their spacious toe area and closed-toe design. If you’re looking for both style and comfort, heeled ankle boots are the perfect option. Walk confidently with the click-clack of your heels turning heads in your direction!Ankle Boot Heels

What Kind of Heels to Avoid for Wide Feet?

Avoid: Pointed Heels

Wear: Almond/Round/Square toe Heels

Opt for shoes with almond, round, or square toes instead of pointed toes. Pointed-toe styles may be uncomfortable for people with wider feet and can even lead to the development of bunions. Wider toe shapes are both comfortable and fashionable, especially in chunky ankle boots that are perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

Avoid: Fixed One-Strap Heel

Wear: Lace-up Strappy Heel

Instead of fixed-strap sandals, go for a tie-up, knotted, buckled, or adjustable shoes. Strappy sandals tend to be less accommodating for those with wider feet. Look out for lace-up or buckle-up options that you can adjust according to your comfort level. Consider suede or fabric rope-style lace-ups which offer a softer and more enjoyable wearing experience.

Avoid: Single Strap Heels

Wear: Crossover Heels/Sandals

Consider opting for crossover sandals as comfortable high heels for wide feet instead of single-strap ones. Single straps may not provide a comfortable fit for wider feet, whereas crossover sandals offer more fabric and can be easily adjusted to suit your foot shape. Soft leather heels for wide feet with intricate twists and knots are highly recommended and readily available in standard sizes.

Avoid: High Stilettos

Wear: Chunkier Heels

Instead of wearing extremely high stilettos, choose lower or chunkier heels for wide feet. Your feet feel better wearing chunky styles and smaller heels. They look fashionable while distributing your weight.

Avoid: Patent Leather Heels

Wear: Plain Leather or Suede Heels

Instead of patent leather, choose plain leather or suede. Wider feet may find patent leather uncomfortable due to its stiffness. Suede is comfortable and soft, making it a great material for boots, brogues, or any other comfortable high heels for wide feet.

5 Best Heels for Wide Feet to Buy

1. LifeStride Women’s Charlotte Heeled Sandal

The LifeStride Women’s Charlotte Heeled Sandal is designed to provide long-lasting comfort and support. This best heel for wide feet features cushioned insoles, a flexible sole, and reliable traction, making it an ideal choice for individuals with wide feet. The sandal includes wide straps that ensure a secure fit while providing additional comfort through soft insoles, smooth linings, and a flexible sole. This blend of style and comfort makes it a must-have footwear option.
LifeStride Women's Charlotte Heeled Sandal

2. Two-Tone Asymmetric Heel Shoes

These square-toed shoes are made from 100% bovine leather and have a trendy rectangular heel that measures 4.33 inches. This best heel for wide feet also comes with an inner lining to ensure comfort throughout the day, and their chic yet open design adds an elegant touch. These well-crafted shoes are an excellent choice for your return to the office, as they will help you build a modern and sophisticated wardrobe suitable for your everyday work routine.
Two-Tone Asymmetric Heel Shoes

3. ComeShun Women Low Kitten Heel Mules Slip-On Sandals

These sandals boast a convenient peep toe design, ensuring hassle-free wearability. The 2.5-inch mid-heel and padded insole offer unexpected comfort for long-lasting support. Additionally, this best heel for wide feet is available in a range of colors to suit any occasion, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your style versatility.
ComeShun Women Low Kitten Heel

4. Mini Kate Boot In Brown Suede

Introducing a fashionable and captivating addition to our beloved Kate boot lineup. With its elegant pointed toe, rich brown suede material, and an attractive heel height that strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, this best heel for wide feet rests gracefully right above the ankle. It effortlessly complements dresses and miniskirts, lending a delightful charm to your outfit.
Mini Kate Boot

5. Athlefit Women’s Platform Sandals

The stylish Athlefit Women’s Platform Sandals feature a braided jute platform and a well-proportioned wedge heel. This best heel for wide feet offers both height and comfort thanks to its cozy slope and curved footbed. The adjustable buckle strap guarantees a snug fit, enhancing your confidence with each step and lengthening your frame by a few inches.
Athlefit Women's Platform Sandals

Final Thoughts

Finding comfortable high heels can be difficult if you have wide feet. But, now that you have gone through multiple heels for wide feet, you will not have trouble doing shoe shopping anymore!

Consider these options for the best heel for wide feet and enjoy your shoe shopping without compromising on style and comfort.


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