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What Are Mules! What Makes Them Perfect Footwear?

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What Are Mules! What Makes Them Perfect Footwear?

We live in a world where fashion and appearances are everything. First impressions have become so important that even for the simplest of things like grabbing a cup of coffee from a shop requires tedious amount of work. Being so caught up with thoughts relating to our clothes, footwear, nails, etc., We oftentimes, as women, compromise on our physical well being by opting for those super thin and ultra feminine stiletto heels.

Thanks to the evolution of heels which brought forth the idea of mules, wedges, espadrilles and similar heels solutions, we are now able to incorporate heels into our daily routine without getting a major foot sprain or backache. You might be aware of wedge heels or espadrilles wedges, but mules are the new fashion trend which are considered as modern, sleek and a perfect alternative to stiletto heels.

Why Should You Wear Mules & What Are They?

Doesn’t it get irritating sometimes how ankle straps or buckle straps, and even slingbacks can start to itch your foot’s heel? The best solution for that is to go for Mules. The classic pair of heels which include no constraints around the foot’s heel. In other words, they come with a no back design and a simple slip on style which is more convenient and a hassle free way to be fashion forward.

Mules can come in a high heel design or a low heel design, nonetheless majority of them consist of no back, almost like slippers, so the post COVID-19 transitioning towards heels won’t feel like a dread to you. Consider mules as trainer heels and your go-to option until you become a pro at stiletto heels which can be worn occasionally too, depending upon the occasion.

Top Features of Mules Loved By All Women:

A seamless solution that comes with a closed toe design and a backless, slip on style, mules are adored by women around the globe. The footwear is quite popular in the Parisian fashion industry which is known for their super chic vibes in terms of fashion trends. Here are some of the features of mules which are loved by all women:

  • Light Weight Design – Mules are generally the most lightweight heels as compared to clogs, wedge heels or similar heels. They are easy to carry and are manageable too.
  • Made From Top Quality Materials – Mules are generally made up of superior quality materials and are considered as high end form of heels, much like stiletto heels. The designers are very particular about the kinds of materials used to craft mules.
  • Extra Comfort – Although there are more comfortable versions of heels available in today’s world, mules are still considered as one of the most easy going and convenient heels which can even be worn for everyday use.
  • Modern & Fashion Forward – Mules are considered as one of the most modern and visually appealing heels. They make a strong fashion statement too. You can look super stylish in them effortlessly. Mules are the most common types of heels worn in Paris which is known to be the guru in terms of creating innovative and easy going fashion fads.

Seasons & Mules: When to wear them?

Mules are generally considered as a summer, spring and fall footwear. Thanks to the comfortable style, lightweight and breathable designs they don’t suffocate your feet, so most women wear mules in summer and warmer weather conditions which helps in keeping your feet at ease.  For obvious reasons, you can’t wear mules during the winter season, unless you want to freeze yourself. Mules don’t cover your entire feet, hence for winter season, women go for boots and similar footwear options

Final Thoughts

That having said, the prime and most obvious reason for wearing mules is the comfort level that it offers. On top of that, you don’t even need to compromise on your contemporary fashion mind-set. You can look uber-chic, while being at peace with your comfort level while wearing mules.

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