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What Are French Nails?

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Similar to how heels are a woman’s best friend, so are nails, and that too, well-groomed nails. The easiest way to leave a bad impression would be to show up with chapped, dry or brittle nails at an important event. Gone are the days when such details used to get ignored, but in today’s era, everyone pays attention to it.

With celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and even Selena Gomez hyping up the manicure trend with the most exotic and unique nail styles, we shouldn’t ever forget about the ones that have come a long way – the French nails. The history of French nails dates back to 1970s when only models used to have them.

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Before heading on to the specifics, let’s first discuss what French Nails are.

What are French Nails?

French nails consist of a pale pink or nude base with a solid white tip. It can be done on natural nails, but sometimes people prefer acrylics and gel in case they have very short nails or their nails are brittle. Though the length of the nail in a French manicure may vary, based on the personal preferences, you should opt for a medium length one which won’t disrupt your daily routine.

History of French Manicure

The trend started in 1970s in Hollywood when the founder of the nail polish company, Jeff Pink got credited with coining the name. He created this look for the fashion forward women of Paris, hence he named it ‘French’, to place a strong emphasis on the European culture. It was him, who created the first French manicure kit and then the trend became viral.

Since the Parisian style mostly comprised of minimalistic, casual and classy fashion trends, French nails exhibited the same. Nonetheless, the trend diffused off to other countries like the United States and then so on and so forth.Jeff Pink

How Long Do They Last?

You might be wondering how long they will last. You’d be surprised to know that the lasting will depend on how your manicure was initially created. For example, on natural nails with a standard polish, it will last around a week, but with proper care. On the other hand, with a gel manicure, it can last for up to three weeks. Moreover, with an acrylics manicure, it can last for up to six weeks, given that you take proper care of them and maintain them well.

Why Choose A French Manicure?

There are many reasons why you should be picking these uber-chic set of nails. Firstly, it gives the illusion of slim fingers and that too, combined with immaculate nails. This makes you appear as a high profile lady.

Also, French manicure retains a touch of sophistication and exudes a feminine charm like no other manicure style. It is suitable for all kinds of events, unlike the tacky and flashy nails. You can leave a strong impression while wearing them, whether you’re giving an interview or going to a party.

Protecting and Maintaining The French Nails

When investing in a set of French nails, you should be mindful about the factors mentioned below. These can help maintain your nails and make them last a long time too.

  • Application of a thin top coat to the manicured nails regularly to keep them shiny
  • Top coat prevents air bubbles which can combat the issue of chipping
  • Only apply a new coat, once the old one has dried completely
  • Protect your nails from creams or options and even though contact with everyday items
  • Protect them from all the excessive dishwashing as well. Try using gloves when you have to do it to make sure your nails don’t lose their charm easily
  • Keep your fingers away from your eyes, so that you do not end up poking them or your skin
  • Be sure to file your nails and use a nail shiner to retain that glossy touch for a longer period of time

Final Thought

French nails are the all-time classic and every woman’s favourite type of manicure. It’s the go-to manicure style for the women who prefer classy and sophisticated styles, and those who are always on the go. Since they are so versatile, they can be made funky and highly elegant, depending upon the occasion and personal preferences too.

You can throw in a bit of glitter or pearls to uplift the look at a wedding, or keep a V shape to ooze modernity and chicness. Nonetheless, it is guaranteed to give you lots of compliments from others. It is recommended to get French tips on your natural nails, only if your natural nails are long and healthy. If they are not and you’re a nail biter, then you should go for gel based or acrylics which will also you a long time too.

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