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High Stiletto Heel Hacks – To Save Your Feet!

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Stiletto Heel Hacks

As the adage says that if you give a woman a pair of heels, you’ll see her conquering the world, it holds true to a great extent. The right pair of heels can make you look tall, elongate your legs, accentuate your figure, emphasize on your femininity and make you look fashion forward at the same time. This is especially true for the sleek, thin, and the breathtaking stiletto heels. The all-time favourite of all iconic celebrities and supermodels like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and even Taylor Swift.

For centuries, stiletto heels have been associated with a high calibre – the footwear is perceived as not only a status symbol, but also a mandatory wear for many events like red carpets, meetings, date nights and so much more than an ordinary person can fathom. The sleek and dapper appeal of the bold and daring stiletto heels is the ultimate show stopper at all events.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Dark side of Stiletto Heels

But all that all that glitters is not gold. True for stiletto heels – wearing the narrow and tall stiletto heels with finesse, poise and grace is not everyone’s cup of tea. For the right reasons, these dazzlers can be quite uncomfortable and may cause medical conditions in some cases because of prolonged usage as well. From something as concerning as triggering arthritis, to something as minor as a foot sprain or blisters, stiletto heels can be a pain if they’re not worn with technique.

Many scientific evidence and research shows that wearing stiletto heels can be detrimental to our physical health causing backaches and arch-related problems too. Owing to that research, many designers have incorporated cushioned insoles into the heels and orthotics, along with gel inserts have been invented for this reason as well. This has encouraged many newbies to join the bandwagon of wearing stiletto heels as well.

Most women have mastered the art of wearing stiletto heels through life-saving hacks. Luckily for you, we’ve listed them all down in this article.

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Without further ado, let’s get into it

Stiletto Heel Hacks To Save Your Feet

  1. Heel Liners To The Rescue
    We’re sure you all dread at the thought of those ugly and painful blisters on your feet after hours of wearing stiletto heels. Fret not. Heel Liners should be your saviour as they protect your feet from blisters, cuts and sliding around. They also helps with sizing and fit issues and prevents the heel from slipping out of shoes. Their peel-and-stick backing ensures secure placement during wear which can save you from the embarrassments of slip offs and discomfort too!
    Heel Liners To The Rescue
  2. Using Cotton Balls When Necessary
    If your heels happen to be a bit loose for you, then just stuff some cotton balls inside your heels. However, be sure to not overdo it. Keep in mind that you do not put too much cotton in your heels otherwise, it will be uncomfortable for you. Make sure that you stuff cotton in the front section of the heels so that it doesn’t even show. This hack only applies to closed ended stiletto heels though.
    Using Cotton Balls When Necessary
  3. Gel Inserts, Insoles And Orthotics
    As mentioned above, these are some of the life savers when it comes to wearing heels and preventing the side effects. If you really want to go for those high heels, then you can invest in some gel inserts, insoles or orthotics to get extra comfort while you’re wearing them.They will prevent bruising and blisters, and at the same time, can help you get the perfect fit – especially in the case of insoles. Instead of your heels slipping off, they’ll give you a sturdy grip over your steps, so you’ll feel confident and comfortable.Gel Inserts, Insoles And Orthotics

  4. Go For Heels with Cushioned Insoles and Arch Support
    Thanks to the modern technology and designers who work diligently to come up with fashionable solutions for us, we now have many alternatives to the daunting and dreadful stiletto heels. Fortunately for the stiletto heels lovers, most brands like Cole Haan have paired up with Nike to come up with the most comfortable heels for women. Not just that, but many brands are collaborating with other brands to make the heels optimized for arch support and cushioned footbeds to allow for a smooth walking experience.
    Go For Heels with Cushioned Insoles and Arch Support
  5. Hairspray Galore
    One of the most embarrassing moments when wearing stiletto heels would be to experience slip offs in front of everyone. To avoid that, get a hairspray and be sure to evenly spray it on your footbeds and the insides of your heels. This way, when you place your feet inside of them, they won’t slip off. This is a major hack that could save you from a lot of trouble!
    Hairspray Galore
  6. Talcum Power to Make Sure Your Feet Don’t Slip Forwards
    Similar to how dry surfaces can lead to slip offs, sweaty feet are no less of a trouble. Sweaty feet can not only be a huge turn off, but can make your feet slide forward in your heels, making you look very bad. In that case, you can try to keep your feet dry with talcum powder as it absorbs the moisture and will also make your heels smell nice, so the worries of smelly feet will also go away!Talcum Power to Make Sure Your Feet Don’t Slip Forwards
  7. Blow-dry Your Heels To Stretch Them Out
    If you’ve got yourself a new pair heels, they may be too tight when you first put them on. If you’ve got yourself a pair that’s too tight, then this can be a major off putting factor for many women. Use the blow drying technique to get rid of that. Simply use a blow dryer and wait until your heels are wider naturally. You can wear your thicket socks and put your tight heels on, then you can blow-dry your heels to make them stretch out. Be careful with the heat though, you don’t want to ruin your heels. Doing so for 10 minutes should make your heels loosen up its tightness and make them more comfortable for you to wear.
    Blow-dry Your Heels To Stretch Them Out
  8. The Iconic Tapping Toe Technique
    A tried and tested technique to rock your stiletto heel look and make sure you nail that mandatory cat walk is through the tapping toe technique. In this technique, you’re expected to tape your third and fourth toes together with a medical tape. The science here goes that there is a nerve that splits between those two toes that cause pain when pressure is applied on it. The tape helps to remove strain on the nerve. Obviously, this trick only works with closed-toed heels where your third and fourth toes aren’t exposed. But you could give this hack a try as well!
    The Iconic Tapping Toe Technique

  9. Scuff Those Soles
    New pair of heels and slippery surfaces are a recipe for disaster. This is because the soles are new and not slip resistant enough. The next time you step out in your new heels, be sure to buff your soles directly using sandpaper or a metal nail file. This will give your heels traction which can make them slip resistant.
    Scuff Those Soles
  10. Use A Cooling Menthol Spray
    Did you know that nearly all the celebrities use heel hacks when they are about to hit the red carpet? We thought not. Even the ones who seem to be the experts at wearing stiletto heels, take precautions while wearing them. Most of the actresses spray cooling menthol on their feet before going to the event. This spray results in toes feeling cool and comfortable for hours. Also, this can be used to soothe swelling and prevent blisters as well. Simply apply a layer all over your foot, wait 1 to 2 minutes for it to dry, then slide back into your heels.
    Use A Cooling Menthol Spray
  11. Numbing Sprays
    Numbing Sprays are a top trending thing these days and they can be found everywhere. With TikTokers promoting the idea of numbing Sprays to wear heels even for hours, it can be tempting to try it out yourself too. The idea here goes that they help to numb the pain inflicted by your favorite pair of high heels. They not only help in reducing itching and pain from certain skin conditions (such as scrapes, minor skin irritations, insect bites), but they’re also helpful in preventing heel pain and blisters. They can be found at the nearest drug stores too.

  12. If All Fails – Lose Some Height
    If you have a pair of high heels that you adore, but cannot take out of the box because of how badly your feet hurt before you leave the house, try taking them to a shoe repair show to have a little height shaved from the heel. Being just a little lower to the ground could do wonders for your feet! Before going for a sky high heel height, try getting used to medium height stiletto heels. You can use the following tips to walk with grace and poise:

    • Walk Heel to Toe
      Be sure to take your steps carefully by following this method of placing your heel before your toe. This helps you walk with poise and not stumble easily.Walk Heel to Toe
    • Take Small Steps
      Don’t be hasty when it comes to walking in heels. They’re meant for women who know how to take it slow and walk slowly. Take Small steps and don’t jump around too much.Take Small Steps

Final Thoughts

That having said, it brings an end to our discussion. We hope this article is helpful for you and makes the experience of wearing stiletto heels super breezy for you. Another tip that we have for you on a concluding note – get a foot massage or soak up your feet in warm water after wearing stiletto heels to soothe your muscles from all that stress. Good luck!

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