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Home Remedies For Pain In Feet After Wearing Heels

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Home Remedies For Pain In Feet After Wearing Heels

We all know how much of a dreadful task it is to wear heels and that too, stiletto heels! The tall, pointy, and narrow characteristics of the heel put too much pressure on your feet and may even cause various foot problems including sprains if wear them for too long. Not just that, but it is scientifically proven that high heels can be detrimental to your health if you wear them for prolonged hours and on a daily basis.

To avoid facing those foot problems, fortunately, we have home remedies and foot pain relief products. Many women go for foot massagers after wearing heels, so if you have one at home already, you’re in luck. But if you don’t, then do not worry as we will be covering a range of convenient and useful home remedies and foot pain relief products that you can use to heal the pain in heel of foot.

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Without further ado, let’s get into foot pain relief products/remedies.

  • Salt Water & Feet Soaking
    If your feet are excessively sore and if you have blisters as well after wearing heels, then get a tub of warm water and add one tablespoon of salt in it. Mix the salt and soak your feet into the water for ten minutes. It may sting for a while, but it will relax your tired muscles and heal the blisters by also preventing infections.Salt water is known for its anti inflammatory properties so it’s a good option for all the sore feet sufferers. Once you’re done, be sure to moisturize your feet as salt may dry out your feet. Use a nourishing cream to prevent cracked skin on your feet.
    Salt Water & Feet Soaking
  • Get a Foot Massage Or Do It Yourself
    One of the tell tale ways to heal your sore feet is to get a foot massage. The arch of your feet contain several muscles which work to stabilize the toes and support body weight. This might get damaged by prolonged use of heels. You can use a foot cream to give yourself a deep tissue massage on the arch of your foot which is sure to improve the blood flow and relieve foot pain instantly. You could also use a black seed rub for enhanced affect. Additionally, use olive oil to heal the foot. You can warm up the olive oil and gently massage it onto your arch and feet. You’ll notice a huge difference in the foot pain within hours.Get a Foot Massage Or Do It Yourself
  • Stretch It Out
    Another foot care hack that you could try at home for foot pain would be to do some stretches to ease the sore feet. You can start by rolling your ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise to reduce muscle cramping. Thereon, roll the bottom of your foot over a can or a ball to release tension, and flex your toes back and forth to counteract the position your feet are usually in when wearing heels. Do this several times in a day and you’ll be good to go! Stretch It Out
  • Ice It!
    If the cramps and pain in heel of foot become unbearable, you can always numb the foot pain by icing it. It will also reduce swelling and inflammation, allowing your feet to heel quickly. Also, if you have blisters, icing can have a cool effect, making them heal faster. You can use an ice compress for this or add ice into a bowl and put your feet in it – whatever works for you.Ice It!
  • Elevate Your Feet
    If it’s the swelling that’s bothering you, then elevate your feet and the aim should be to keep them at a higher level than your heart. You can add pillows under your feet to do this. Doing so will help in bringing down the swelling and high heel pain.Elevate Your Feet
  • Using Topical Gels ( Foot Pain Relief Products)
    You can use a foot pain-relieving gel which is readily available at near medical stores and this should help numb the foot pain and heal it faster. Besides that, you can also take painkillers if nothing works out. Ibuprofen works best in such cases to block the foot pain and fasten the healing process. Using Topical Gels
  • Invest in an Electric Foot Massager
    Though these foot pain relief products can be very expensive, they’ll be super helpful in the long run. After a long day of wearing heels, you can simply relax while your electric foot massager does all the healing for you to say goodbye to your foot pain.Invest in a Foot Massager

Final Thought

That having said, you can try the remedies mentioned above to get rid of high heel pain and then take precautions the next time you plan on wearing heels to avoid foot pain. You can use shoe insoles or gel inserts to get comfortable wearing heels. Also, you can opt for comfortable options in terms of heels like wedges, platform heels, and clogs which are less strict on your arches. Better yet, you can get heels with arch support and thanks to modern technology, there are heels with cushioned footbeds as well. The next time you plan to wear them, remember to take these aforementioned precautions.

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