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Best Clear Stiletto Heels To Buy in 2023

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Let’s admit it – at one point in time, we all admired Cinderella’s crystal clear, transparent and Uber classy heels. Probably that’s where the concept of clear stiletto heels emerged. Ever since Cinderella’s missing glass stiletto heels caught the attention of the masses, the hype of clear stiletto heels grew even more. Owing to the timeless design, minimalism, and almost grace that the clear stiletto heels offer, they’re a dream of every girl.

From the Kardashians to Kylie Jenner all love wearing clear stiletto heels. They seem like celebrities’ favourite pair of stilettos. Though there are many versions of the clear stiletto heels, most women prefer the clear stiletto heels with embellishments over them and a transparent upper material. Though they look sophisticated in all ways, these beauties can be perfect for most occasions, especially bridal events, or formal events.

What’s The Psychology Behind Clear Stiletto Heels?

The purpose of clear stiletto heels is to make your legs look more attractive and to elongate them. The straps or the heel of these shoes may be transparent, but they create an optical illusion which makes your legs appear longer than they actually are.