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Wearing Heels To A Wedding: The Ultimate Guide

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Wearing Heels to a Wedding: The Ultimate Guide

Remember that wedding when you took off your heels due to extreme pain and blisters from wearing heels for a long time? Ouch, that hurts!

Well, it’s time to go for top rated heels-shopping again, but hold on, have a look at our blog, ‘Wearing heels to a wedding: The Ultimate Guide’ because who wouldn’t want to look confident yet alluring at the same time?

No matter how pretty your wedding outfit is, the spark added by that gorgeous heel from brands is what completes your ensemble. And let’s face it; picking out the perfect yet cheap footwear is one of the many fun steps in putting your outfit together. Even though we totally adore high-heeled shoes, it can be challenging to wear them throughout the whole ceremony.

Therefore, if you want to live your Cinderella moment without leaving your feet aching, “Wearing Heels to a Wedding: The Ultimate Guide” is all that you need. Get the ball rolling!

Stepping Out in Style: Choosing the Ideal Wedding Heels

Ladies, we understand that dressing up your feet is just as hard as choosing your attire. But, no you don’t have to wear those uncomfortable and inexpensive Stilettos because there is a plethora of wedding heels for you to choose from.  It all boils down to having these 5 factors in mind given below. Have a look!

Know Your Venue

To be honest, it’s always exciting to attend a wedding, but the thought of just standing or moving all day around in the venue makes us tired even before the event.  Whether you’re a bridesmaid or a guest, finding the ideal heels is crucial to getting through the event in both fashion and comfort. Consider the location before making your wedding heel selection.

Whether you will be strolling through a garden while dancing the night away or will you be attending a sophisticated wedding at the beach? Your feet need to stay steady all day and night! Thus choose best rated heels with a strong, non-slip sole.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your sore feet and can instead concentrate on rejoicing with the newlyweds. Take a moment to think about the location and pick the ideal pair of wedding high heels for a carefree and memorable day.

Comfort Meets Style

Your top concern when choosing wedding heels should be nothing but comfort. Because why not? It’s all about dancing, socializing, and enjoying with guests all day long. A comfortable fit, excellent arch support, and cushioning are all things to look for in heels. To avoid blisters and discomfort, it’s recommended to wear your heels before the event, so that your feet can mold into it accordingly.

Consider choosing shoes with a lower heel or even flats if high heels don’t suit you usually. It’s better to avoid the risk of falling or injuries. And, don’t worry; you can still rock the dress because from trendy to classic there are heels for everyone!

The Art of Coordination with Your Attire

It takes some thought to choose and buy the ideal pair of heels for a wedding, especially when you are an attendee and you want to coordinate with the given dress code.

In order to add a few extra inches to your height, to prevent your flowy dress from touching the ground, you might want to pick pair of heels that are slightly higher. Conversely, if the attire is shorter in length you could consider pairing it with heels that seem more understated so that it doesn’t engage with it.

Another suggestion is to choose heels in a color that goes well with your dress, like neutral or metallic tones. A pretty dress with matching heels is certainly a match made in heaven!

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Picking the Perfect Pair

  • Stilettos: A Classic Form of Glamour
    For people who prefer to add a hint of glitz to their wedding ensemble, stiletto heels are a timeless option in the market. Stiletto heels have an elegant and slender base that can enhance your height- a perfect option for short people. But, unfortunately, you can’t wear them to rocky terrain or outdoor weddings.Stilettos A Classic Form of Glamour
  • Kitten Heels: Subtle Grace
    Kitten heels are modest and practical heels. For wedding guests who anticipate being on their feet a lot, kitten heels are a great option because of their shorter, more manageable heels. They can also give any wedding ensemble a hint of vintage elegance. Moreover, as they allow your feet to stay in place and balanced, they don’t exert intense pressure on your soles and toes.Kitten Heels Subtle Grace
  • Peep-Toe Heels: Delicate and Chic
    Their open-toe design lets you display your recently done pedicure and gives any wedding gown a modern touch. You can find a pair of peep-toe heels that suit your taste because they come in multiple designs, from traditional pumps to strappy footwear. Peep-toe heels can enhance your wedding appearance and give you the feeling of the show-stopper, regardless of if you choose a neutral color scheme or a  bold, striking color.Peep-Toe Heels: Delicate and Chic
  • Slingback Heels:  Sophisticated Touch
    The latest slingback Heels are not just for the brides but an amazing choice for the guests too! The thin, adjustable strap with a comfortable sole is exactly what you require to rock the dance floor as a bridesmaid with the utmost comfort.Slingback Heels  Sophisticated Touch
  • Block Heels:  Fashion and Support
    Be it strappy heels or bold-design heels, you can always find a block heel that matches your style!  Likewise, block heels also allow you to enjoy your day without having to worry about sore feet because they provide more support and evenly distribute weight than skinny heels. You’ll truly appreciate these best value heels, once you take off your shoes and find your feet in good health.Block Heels  Fashion and Support
  • Wedge Shoes: Attractive and Stable
    This is probably the last option for women to consider for a wedding but, believe us, wedge heels are one of the top 10 choices for women who are all set to prefer comfort over style at any time. For outdoor weddings or grassy surfaces, wedge heels are a great alternative to stilettos because of their wider base, which can offer more stability and support.Wedge Shoes Attractive and Stable

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Heels to a Wedding


  • If you are planning to wear your newly-bought heels for a long duration, make sure that you select a suitable heel height that offers ease and height at the same time. On a lighter note, always keep your budget in mind when purchasing a heel.
  • Consider the wedding’s location and venue when choosing your shoes, and choose heels that are sturdy for outdoor or uneven surfaces.
  • Make sure your heels match or complement your dress by picking ones that go well with the color and style of your attire. Apart from this, you can even search for ratings before buying a particular pair of heels.
  • Bring an extra pair of relaxed shoes or flats in case your feet start to hurt later in the evening.


  • Brand new heels which you haven’t got a chance to wear, should be avoided as they can lead to blisters and discomfort.
  • Avoid wearing heels that are too tall or too thin because they may be difficult to balance in and walk on grass, slippery floors, or sand.
  • Stay away from heels that are interfering with the gown.

How Do You Know That Your Heels Are Good-to-go?

So, the final question is, during the shopping, how will one know that this is it? A pair of heels that is a perfect combination of comfort and style? Heels that will allow you to wear them all night long.

The solution is clear: before purchasing them, ensure they fit comfortably and, more importantly, check that they have been properly laid in for the big day. Since the fabric used to make most heels tends to be a little stiff, breaking in your heels will enable the fabric to conform to the contours of your feet, reducing any pinching or annoyance you might experience while wearing them for extended periods.

Wrap Up

We all want heels that speak volumes yet we want to make sure that we don’t ruin our event with a poor choice of heels. Fair enough!

Good heels are something that elevates your style and one must put enough thought when selecting heels considering that wearing them for longer periods might result in poor health of feet. Therefore, we hope that our above buying guide on wedding heels has sought you out for your upcoming wedding to attend.

Bear the above factors in mind and go ahead to choose the best suitable option for yourself!  Because, after all, pretty heels are what will complete your outfit!

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