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What are Suede Heels?

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What are Suede Heels?

For centuries, we’ve known that leather material has been the charm of any kind of footwear. Not just footwear, but also jackets and lots of other accessories. It’s safe to claim that leather boots, leather jackets and leather heels easily make it to the top of the list of most gorgeous heels to ever exist. There are some brands which have patent leather in their heels which makes them more exquisite.

Having said that, there are many forms of leather too. One of the most popular forms of leather includes suede which is made from skin torn from the underside of animals like goats, calves, lambs and deers. Suede heels comprise of a fuzzy and napped finish which does not necessarily give it a glow, instead it exudes a matte look which makes the heels look classy and mysterious.

Before heading into the specifics, let’s first discuss what they are by definition and who should be wearing them.

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What Are They & Who Should Be Wearing Them?

Suede Material is the type of leather which can be derived from any type of animal skin used in the production of normal leather. The underside of animal skin is much more softer than the outside, but is less resistant to elements and stains.  They consist of a dull appearance rather than a glossy one.

Women who are fashion forward, going to a formal event and have a flashy dress can incorporate suede heels into their outfit to make a strong fashion statement. Teenagers, working women, mother’s – everyone can wear them owing to the multipurpose nature of the heels. However, they may not always look the best on events like Halloween or Christmas as those events require a flashy touch.

Pros and Cons Of Wearing Suede Heels

Firstly, Suede is made up of the underside of animal skin which is softer and hence more comfortable. It has a toned down and dull looking appearance which can ensure that you make a strong statement wherever you go! Besides that, it’ll prevent sore feet owing to the soft and fuzzy material.

Secondly, it is considered as a luxury to wear suede heels as they are not that long lasting. Since they are pricier and considered as luxury, they can make you look super extravagance and exquisite. If you have a finer taste in life and love to have luxurious heels, then you’ll feel like royalty while wearing them.

One of the cons of wearing suede heels is that they are prone to stains and may not last very long. Considering how expensive they are as compared to leather heels, they aren’t very durable and may start to wear off within a few months. They’re high maintenance because they’re so luxurious so it makes them less manageable and easy going. Also, they may not even be a multipurpose solution for your fashion problems, so it’s better to invest in a relatively useful pair of heels instead.

Final Thoughts

Based on the information above, it can be said that it’s nice to have a pair or two of suede heels in your heels collection as they may be handy at times when you want to opt for a mysterious and sophisticated appearance or you just want to be creative, however, it is recommended to invest in heels which will last you longer and are resistant to elements. This ensures that the energy, time and money you’ve invested pay off well. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your own preferences and affordability which can either drift you away from suede heels or attract you towards them.


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