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How To Care For/Clean Your Velvet Shoes – To Keep Them New

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Investing in a nice pair of heels can surely feel amazing, but what’s burdensome is the maintenance of them. Just like our hair, skin and nails need contact maintenance to prevent them from potential damage, similarly our heels require the same. Not just heels, but the same applies to shoes. Let’s say you got yourself a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes – they can cost you thousands of dollars worth of money and won’t be a good investment if you don’t timely care for them.

One of the fashion trends which has existed for decades and makes a statement even now is that of velvet heels. The charm and opulence is second to none. There is a reason why they are so expensive – the materials used to craft velvet heels are generally precious and rare, so the heels aren’t ordinary. Anyone who has owned a pair of velvet heels or shoes would know that they define luxury at its best. But they’d also warn you to take care of them.

Velvet shoes are high maintenance because of the high quality materials used to manufacture them. They are delicate and sensitive, hence should be taken care of with precision. Here are some of the hacks through which you can ensure that your velvet shoes look good as new.

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Hacks To Make Sure Your Velvet Shoes Look New:

  1. Hands Off If They Are Wet!
    As much as velvet shoes can be expensive, velvet material can be difficult to deal with. That means the only pro of wearing them is that you get look super chic and ultra modern. So, if your shoes are wet in that moment, leave them alone until they are dry. We understand that you may have an inner urge to pay them dry or use a heated air dryer to dry them, you have to be mindful of the fact that you may end up damaging your shoe. After they have dried naturally, you can then proceed with removing the dust, but do not touch them when they’re wet, as they’ll be prone to damage if they’re wet..Hands Off If They Are Wet!
  2. Dry Cloth & Tooth Brush To The Rescue
    If your velvet shoes are completely dry but covered with dust particles, take a dry cloth and try to wipe away the dust. In case it becomes stubborn and doesn’t get off, toothbrush can be your go-to tool for wiping off the dust from your precious velvet shoes. Take a soft bristled toothbrush and run it on your shoes gently in the same direction. Try not to be too harsh, as you might end up damaging the footwear.Dry Cloth & Tooth Brush To The Rescue
  3. For Spills And Stains, You Can Make A DIY Solution At Home
    Let’s say you’re at a party and you accidentally spill water or juice over your velvet shoes – that can be quite unfortunate. However if you instantly try to remove it, you might end up worsening the entire situation. So, use lemon and baking soda to form a paste. Use a soft cloth to gently dab some solution onto your shoes and make sure to not rub it. Alternatively, you can invest in a protective spray to prevent your velvet shoes from getting spills and stains at the first place.For Spills And Stains, You Can Make A DIY Solution At Home
  4. Never Wear Them When It’s Raining/Snowing Outside
    Excessive moisture can end up damaging your velvet shoes to the point where they can become completely useless for you. Unfortunately, velvet shoes are not waterproof and that can be quite a bummer for most people. Be sure to wear them on bright sunny days or during the fall season when the weather is dry so that your shoes remain the same.Never Wear Them When It’s Raining/Snowing Outside
  5. Baking Soda Galore
    Many shoe experts claim that baking soda can do wonders for all types of shoes. So sprinkling the insides with some baking soda occasionally can be very fruitful for your velvet shoes as well. Baking soda absorbs and freshens your shoes. For the outsides, as mentioned above, use a soft brush to wipe away the dirt.Baking Soda Galore

Final Thoughts

Velvet Shoes are a need for both, men and women. They not only scream exquisite and luxurious vibes, but they become a necessity in the fall and winter seasons. Though they can be quite expensive, but only the ones with the finer tastes in life would be seen investing in one of the gorgeous and ever stylish velvet heels. The maintenance part shouldn’t scare you as if you take the required precautions, you’ll get to see how long they can last.

Celebrities, influencers and even the famous people like the royal family, are seen flaunting their velvet heels for all the right reasons, so you shouldn’t be left behind either! Head on to the online or physical outlets to shop for your velvet shoes too.


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