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10 Steps To Shine Your Shoes/ Heels Like A Pro

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Let’s suppose you’ve got yourself some designer heels and you want to keep on reusing them, but are not able to because they look quite dusty or unkempt. It’s very natural for heels to start looking dirty after several occasions. This is the reason why many women spend hours to fix their heels by either brushing off the dust, using shoe shiners and related materials to shine them and make them good as new.

In this article, we will be explaining the steps that you can follow to get the perfect shine on your heels since this is essential if you want to reuse your heels in a way that they look good as new. This would work especially well for all the leather heels and the materials which have a glowing appeal as compared to suede material heels. So, without further ado, let’s head onto our steps and guide.

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  • Step 1: Grab Some Gloves
    First and foremost, get some rubber or latex gloves to do some serious shoe shining. Some polishes are hard to get off and may cause irritation to your skin. You should have gloves on and remember not to engage in the process with bare skin.Grab Some Gloves
  • Step 2: Remove The Laces
    If you have heels or shoes with laces, then the second step would be to take them off completely before applying the polish or shiner. This is done to prevent colour stains on the laces. For example, if your laces are of beige or white colour, they’re prone to getting stains which may be more noticeable. So, remove the laces first of all.Remove The Laces
  • Step 3: Gather Your Equipment/Materials
    You should be having all the materials required such as shoe polish, shiner, brush, shine cloth, cotton balls, etc. Before using the shiner or polish, make sure to use an old towel or a newspaper to carefully spread over the area where you’ll be doing all the work. Shoe polish is prone to spreading over to the other places and it can be a hassle to get it out of carpet, so be careful.Gather Your Equipment/Materials
  • Step 4: Wipe Off The Dust
    Once you’ve gathered the equipment and removed the laces, now start off by cleaning and wiping off the dust off of your boots, shoes or heels. You can do this using a shine brush or a damp rag. You can also sprinkle water to get them wet enough for them to be wiped properly. Thereon, you can allow them to dry before moving on. Be careful though, water can damage some footwear materials like suede and similar kinds of leather.Brush It Off
  • Step 5: Apply The Polish
    You can then start applying a generous amount of polish on the footwear using the shoe polish brush. You have to be meticulous with the process and make sure that the colour of the polish matches that of your shoe. Be sure to get down in the seams of the shoe and cover evenly.Apply The Polish
  • Step 6: Allow It To Dry
    Hands off approach should be used in this step as it may take 10 minutes to dry completely. In that time, you can play a game to kill the time, but do not touch your heels or shoes as it can leave a mark on them, and end up ruining the process.Allow It To Dry
  • Step 7: Brush It Off
    Once it has dried, you can brush the whole shoe or heel using the shine brush to brush off the excess polish and leave only the small base coat on the outside of the shoe that can give a natural glow.Wipe Off The Dust
  • Step 8: Toe & Heel Should Be The Focus
    Once all the brushing off is done, you should be focusing on the toe and heel for extra shine. To do that, dip a cotton ball in water and squeeze out any excess moisture so that it’s damp. You can then dab a little polish on it and apply it on the toe and heel in circular motions.Toe & Heel Should Be The Focus
  • Step 9: Repeat The Process
    If the shine isn’t up to your standards, you can repeat the process mentioned in step 8 for extra glow. However, you must use a new piece of cotton each time you decide to repeat the process. Since the initial shine is the hardest, it gets easy once you keep on doing it.Repeat The Process
  • Step 10: Buff & Sole Edge Dressing
    After doing all of that, buff your shoes a bit with a dry and soft shine cloth, and apply gentle pressure. Your shoes or heels should start shining immediately and you can se a sole edge dressing to finish the job and make sure your footwear looks good as new.Buff & Sole Edge Dressing

Final Thoughts

That having said, it brings an end to our discussion and we hope you enjoy shining your shoes or heels at home with these convenient and easy to follow steps. Good luck!

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