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Almond Nails Vs Oval Nail Shape – How Do They Differ?

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Oval vs Almond Nails

As the hype of manicure continues to be on the rise, so is the demand for newest nail trends. From exotic and breath-taking nail art to stunning nail shapes, manicures have surely taken over the fashion and cosmetics world. While trendy shapes like coffin and stiletto are endorsed by celebrities, you shouldn’t doubt the charm of other shapes like oval nail shape vs almond nail shape.

Oval shaped nails are very similar to almond nails, but they take a softer form and tend to be much more blunt than the almond nails. Almond Nails, on the other hand, are slim on the sides, wide on the base and rounded at its peak. Nonetheless, both the shapes have the power to accentuate your nails and help you make a strong statement.

Who Should Have Them?

Almond Nails can make your fingers appear much more longer, while maintaining a classy style-edge element. They are ideal for women who like a bold and confident look, without getting the pointy and stiletto sharp nails. Almond nails would be best suited for women who have a short finger length and a long, but narrow nail bed. They can also look great on women who have a long finger length, with short but narrow nail bed.

Apart from that, oval nail shape are the classic shape that go well on almost all the nails out there. They are sturdy and will not chop around the edges, giving off an ultra feminine look to your hands. Besides that, oval nails are deemed as the most flattering for women with short, but wide nail beds. Oval nails should be opted by women who prefer to look elegant and classy. Jennifer Lopez is known to keep her nails in an oval shape.

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Difference Between Oval Nail Shape And Almond Nail Shape

There are many differences between the two oh-so-similar oval nail shape vs almond nail shape. Some of the factors on the basis of which, you may easily differentiate between the two, are mentioned as follows.

  • The Shape of The Nail
    For obvious reasons, this one comes first. As mentioned above, almond shape consists of a broad base and tapered sides which end in an almond-rounded point. On the other hand, oval shape comes with tapered sides that end in a soft semi circle and a more natural shape than almond nails.The Shape of The Nail
  • Suitability of Nail Beds
    Oval shaped nails look great on both, wide and narrow nail beds, while almond shaped nails look good on wider nail beds. This is because it attracts attention to the narrow tip.Suitability of Nail Bedss
  • The Length of The Fingers
    Oval shaped nails look great on short fingers and they instead, make them appear longer and younger. Almond Nails, on the other hand, are great for both, short and long nails.The Length of The Fingers
  • The Density of Your Fingers
    If you want to make your fingers look longer and sleek, then oval nails make a great choice. This is because they will not only add length to your nails, but make them appear delicate and feminine.
    On the other hand, almond nails can slenderize thicker fingers and wider nail beds, making them appear super attractive. Almond nails is typically deemed as a flattering shape that gives a beautiful tapered look to your hands as well.The Density of Your Fingers
  • Maintenance of The Nails
    Oval nails are considered to be low maintenance and you can carry them well easily without much of hassle, while almond nails may require you to take care of them, especially if they are in acrylics form.Maintenance of The Nails
  • Disruption in Daily Routine
    Since oval nails are typically in shorter length, they do not disrupt your daily routine. On the other hand, almond nails can hinder your day to day tasks, making it quite hard for you to manage your household chores. Almond Nails may break or chip off if you work too much.Disruption in Daily Routine
  • Suitability on Events
    Oval nails can look great with any outfit and on any occasion. They are mostly ideal for everyday usage too! Since they are more versatile and can be shaped easily too, they are the go-to nail shape for many nail enthusiasts. Besides that, oval shape can give fingers the ability to bend in either direction, as compared to almond shaped nails. Almond shaped nails would look great on occasions like vacation, parties, etc.Suitability on Events

Final Thought

That having said, you can explore more options by surfing the internet or going through catalogues of manicure stylists at spas. However, it’s always advisable to use your own creativity and weigh out the appropriateness of wearing them on a particular occasion. For example, embellishments and neon color may be too flashy for an office look, so you may want to tone down there a bit.

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