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Best Almond Nail Designs To Try In 2024

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Almond Nail Designs - For Creative, Bold and Artistic Women

There are many types of clothing that may flatter your body and even heels that may elongate your legs, but when we talk about nails, the shapes play a major role. Almond shaped nails can be worn short or long and they’re suited to most nail beds too. The thing about almond shaped nails is that they create an optical illusion of longer nails which brings added elegance and grace to your hands.

Besides that, almond-shaped nails are the modernized version of the classic oval nail shape. However, since this shape is slightly narrower than oval, they are a great way to elongate your fingers and make them look attractive and ladylike. Also, in 2024, the trend of narrow and pointy stiletto nails is gone. In the recent era, we are welcoming round and subtle shapes which give off natural vibes.

Why You Should Wear Almond Nails:

The uber-chic nails have surely been the talk of the town recently. Since most long and edgy nails are prone to cuts along with wear and tear, the best thing about almond nails is that because they are rounded off and angular in shape, they are less prone to cuts and creases which makes them last longer than any other shape. They offer you good value for money too!

Here are the top Almond Nail Designs which you should try:

  • Almond nails with colored tips
    Go for a nude or light pink base topped off with multi-colored neon tips for a glow. These colored french tip almond nails not only improve the look of your entire outfit but if you had put on a dull color, such nails are sure to bring in some kind of excitement and energy to your overall appearance. These colored french tip almond nails are loved by creative, bold, and artistic women who love playing around with colors.Almond nails with colored tips
  • Classic French Manicure
    In terms of nails, no one can beat the classic almond nails with french tips! Pair up almond nails with French tips and you’re sure to make a strong statement. Not only will your nails look longer, but your hands will appear more ladylike and feminine. This kind of a manicure would look great for everyday events and even formal ones.Classic French Manicure
  • Pastel Almond Nails
    Try pastel almond nails for a different look. If you go for pink ombre, your nails will look super elegant and feminine. Similarly, you can opt for purple, brown, and all the colors which are pastel to bring that sophisticated vibe to your hands, making sure that you leave a lasting impression.Pastel Almond Nails
  • Colorful almond nails
    When in doubt, you can always opt for colorful almond nails like green, orange or yellow for an extra pop in your look. Sometimes, a set of dull and boring nails can be off-putting, hence adding a splash of bold and electric colours can wake up the look, in turn making you appear super chic and fashionable.Colorful almond nails
  • Glitter Almond Nails
    If all fails and you just love glitz and glam, then go for glitter almond nails which are sure to leave your audience amazing. You can try alternating between glitter almond nails with one plain, and one glittery, to ensure that it’s not too tacky. This look will look great for prom, balls and similar events where you need to look extra.Glitter Almond Nails
  • Rhinestone Almond Nails
    If glitter is not your thing, try rhinestone almond nails to make your almond nails appear super luxurious and glamorous. Adding a hint of rhinestones can up your ante in terms of manicure styling as they’ll make you achieve that royal look too. Rhinestone almond nails will not only make your hands appear ladylike, but they also leave a long-lasting impression on your audience.Rhinestone Almond Nails

Final Thoughts

That having said, you can try out as many designs as you’d like. This is where your creativity must kick in. Moreover, don’t just limit yourself to the looks mentioned above, you can customise them completely as per your own preferences. Checkered designs, plain designs, heart designs – the options are limitless for you to explore. You can even get the same design as your shirt for a one day event – but we won’t suggest that as they can go wrong with other outfits.  However, if you’re getting press on nails, then it’s fine. In terms of acrylics, you won’t be able to remove them very quickly.

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