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Glass Nail Files: A Guide

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How to Shine Nails with Glass File

Whether it’s the emery board that’s bothering you or the metal files – time to say goodbye to those and say hello to the seamlessly classic best nail files. All that sawing, nail peeling, and messy situation will become a long-lost memory if you make the glass nail files a staple of your beauty bag.

Why Use Glass Nail Files?

  • Glass nail file layers the keratin together at the edge of the nails and minimize chipping.
  • They hardly wear off and stay etched for an unbelievable amount of time.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean – all you need is some water and soap.
  • Glass nail files work well with both, natural and artificial nails.
  • The abrasive surface or the glass nail files will leave the edges of your nails smooth and chip-free.

How Long Do Glass Nail Files Last?

The best glass nail file lasts for up to 6 months maximum, but it all depends on how well you clean and maintain it. Since most of them are dishwasher friendly, you can simply use soap and water to wash them off. It may lose its grit over time like that of an emery board, but after each go, if you wash it off, it’ll last you a long time.

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How to File Your Nails Using Glass Nail File: Tips To Shiny Nails

If you’re a nail filer expert, then you know filing nails using a glass filer too. The process is the same as that with an emery board or a metal file, just with a bit more freedom. The steps are as follows:

  • Use the clippers to shape the nail and start off with the edges, working your way toward the middle.
  • Grab your filer and file away to the desired nail shape. You don’t have to worry about the directions as you can file back and forth.
  • Apply cuticle oil later
  • Cuticle oil should naturally bring some shine to your nailsHow To Use Glass File To Get Shiny Nails

Glass nail files tend to come with two sides, matte and glossy. The matte side grinds the nail, but the glossy part polishes it to leave a long-lasting shine. In the glass nail files, the glossy side consists of nano glass particles which consist of no chemicals and help you achieve the perfect shine with just a few rubs. Even rubbing the glossy side on your nails for 30 seconds can do the job better than any top coat!

How To Clean Glass Nail Files?

You can easily clean your glass nail files by either sanitizing them after the first use or each time you use them by using soap and water. Be sure to not dump your glass nail files into the dishwasher and handle it with precision. You don’t want to make them lose out on their grit by scrubbing too hard. Just be gentle and brush off the residue with your fingers. You can also sterilize them if you want to remove bacteria for good. It won’t damage the glass file.

How To Clean Glass File

Are Glass Nail Files Better: Glass Nail File Vs Emery Board:

In terms of longevity and grit, glass nail files take the lead. Glass nail files tend to be gentler on your nails while emery board can be harsh. Those with brittle nails tend to go for glass nail files as the boards are gentler on the nails and the course material doesn’t roughen them up.

At the same time, an emery board can shape your nails quickly owing to the paper material. People who want a professional look should go for emery board as they give a short-lived, but finer look than that of a glass nail file. Though the argument is debatable and glass nail file is becoming increasingly popular these days, you should try them both and see what works best for your nails.

Should You Choose Glass File or Emery Board?

Final Thought

All in all, in a world where manicures have become very important for personal grooming purposes, you shouldn’t stay behind either. Filing nails is a crucial part of manicures and nail care. You shouldn’t be ignoring this aspect. Whether it’s an emery board that you’re going for or a glass nail file, be sure to test it on your nails first. All in all, we recommend you try other methods for nail shining too. For example, use argon oil, cuticle oil massage, and related techniques to get a long-lasting shine which also gives you healthier nails.

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