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Make Your Nails Shiny With Different Types of Nail Shiners

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How to Make Your Nails Shiny With Different Types of Nail Shiners

Perfectly manicured set of nails are a dream of all women. Whether you’re a nail bitter or the perfectionist who always has the best set of nails, all of us, once in a while, deserve some pampering. Even the most perfect set of nails are prone to damage like getting scratches or chipping. It doesn’t matter how many times you get a manicure done, your nails may lose out on the ideal shine overtime.

For that reason, in this article, we will be covering all types of nail shiners using which you can get the healthiest shine and glow on your nails, making heads turn as you walk into a room. The best part about nail care is that you don’t need to pay an expensive visit to the salon for every minor issue, instead you can buy some equipment and do the job perfectly yourself!

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Without further Ado, let’s get into it.

Different Types of Nail Shiners

  • Nail Buffers (Manual + Electric)
    Nail buffers are cosmetic tools which are designed to give your nails an exquisite shine by applying pressure on the nail surface. There are many buffing tools available in the market including manual as well as electric formats. Experts claim that frequent buffing can result in better blood circulation and can promote growth of healthy nails too.This is the most common type of shiner used and is readily available out there. It typically consists of two sides. One with roughness and a softer side. Electric buffers may be more expensive than the cheap manual ones which you can easily use anywhere.Nail Buffers (Manual + Electric)
  • Nail Shiners
    Similar to a nail buffer, nail shiners come with a buffer along with shine rollers. They work quickly and require less effort than manual buffing and rubbing. They tend to come with rollers to smoothen the hard edges and then you can gently buff away the minor sports or discoloration. Some nail shiners come with complementary tools like filers as well to add more finesse to your nails. These tend to be less expensive than buffers and blocks. Since they are portable, you can keep one in your purse as well.Nail Shiners
  • Clear Nail Polish & Top Coat
    Let’s say you’re in a hurry and have to be somewhere urgently, but your nails are a mess. Whether you use a shiner or a buffer, both may require a lot of effort and may be quite time consuming too. For that purpose, a short cut that you can use to shine your nails would be to use either clear nail polish on your nails for a natural look, or apply a top coat on a nail paint to give it an extra glossy look.Clear Nail Polish & Top Coat
  • Sanding Block Polisher
    Readily available on many online websites, these blocks are used to clean the surface of your nails and since they are made up of soft rubber, they won’t damage your cuticles or skin. They are effective at buffing acrylic nails and are great for getting the gel off after applying gel polish. So, they can give you the best of both worlds. Besides that, you can also get rid of the tiny cracks on the nail surface using this tool. They’re lightweight and easy to use.Sanding Block Polisher

Final Thought

Though there are tons of techniques to shine your nails, it is recommended not to use too many external tools and focus on organic products to produce a natural shine. Try using nail oils like cuticle oil, argon oil and even vitamin E oil and give your nails a massage for them to have an everlasting glow. This will not only help with the shine, but also make sure that you keep your nail health in check.

Besides that, if you do opt for a nail shiner, then go for an all in one solution in which you get a buffer, shiner and a polisher to make the best use of all three. See what works for you best. Don’t forget to text these tools out on one nail first, before proceeding to the rest. If all fails, you can always book an appointment with your nail technician to discover ways to keep your nails healthy and to get some spa-pampering done.

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