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How To Wear Stiletto Nails – Stiletto Nail Ideas 2023

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How To Wear Stiletto Nails – Stiletto Nail Ideas 2023

The manicure trend is on the rise. With many celebrities flaunting their freshly manicured new stiletto nails design on the red carpet, Met Gala, concerts, and many other events, it’s fair to say that well-groomed stiletto nail art is the new fashion fad now. Color-coordinated manicures also have been trending. Besides that, influencers have joined the bandwagon too.

It’s not uncommon to open your Instagram account to a million influencers, celebrities, and even politicians having the best set of nails. From the pointy nail style to the soft and rounded version of the almond nail shape, stiletto nail art has evolved into more convenient versions that are modern too!

In this article, we will be discussing how to wear stiletto nails. It can be a dilemma to be stuck between the option of covering the stiletto nails with crystals and gems like Nicki Minaj or keeping them matte and clean like the Kardashians do. Here’s our guide on styling your stilettos nails to make the choices easier:

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  • Matte Vs Glossy Stiletto Nails Design
    You could either wear them in the dry and dull matte version or the shiny and eye-catching glossy version – the choice depends on you. Matte is the ongoing trend in the fashion world, but glossy is the classic choice of women across decades in stiletto nail art.

Matte Vs Glossy


  • Color Fusion Stiletto Nails Design
    You can play around with various colors or keep it single-tone like neon stiletto nails, or you can also add splashes of several colors to form a unique hue on your nails. Whatever choice you opt for, make sure that you choose colors that go well together like red and black, pink and white, etc.Color Fusion Stiletto Nails Design
  • Gems and Crystals Stiletto Nail Art
    Like Nicki Minaj’s claw nails, you can play around with a bit of stiletto nail art using gems and Crystals on your nail tips to add extra glamour to them. These are not only appropriate if you’re going to a party or some kind of fancy event but they also make your nails stand out in the crowd.
  • Stiletto Nail Art
    Experiment with the various kinds of bling stiletto nail art available out there including floral and other patterns to go with the nail color to add an extra feminine touch. You could also try pointy nail art with glitter to make them super glamorous.Stiletto Nail Art
  • French Stiletto Nails Tips
    Another great way to make your stiletto nails stand out from the rest would be to add french stiletto nails tips. This way, your stiletto nails will seem more graceful and elegant. These are the most appropriate stiletto nail ideas if you’re planning to wear them for everyday use as they’re minimalistic in design.French Stiletto Nails Tips

Precautions To Wear Stiletto Nails

Having said that, let’s discuss some ways to manage the stiletto nails well while you’re wearing them. Stiletto nails are sharp and pointy, hence you may end up hurting someone or yourself because of them. Some precautions include:

  • Keeping your fingers away from your eyes and face.
  • Avoid scratching your face at all costs.
  • Trim your nails if required and cut back on the length if it disrupts your daily routine.
  • Avoid doing the chores while you’re wearing them or else you might end up leaving a crack on them.
  • When you’re putting them on, make sure to press the nails firmly with the nail glue to prevent slip-offs.
  • Send voice messages instead of texts as you probably will find it difficult to type.


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