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Most Trending Nail Shapes To Try In 2023

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The Most Trending Nail Shapes Of 2023

Just as the skincare and self-care routine have become a priority in everyone’s lives, nail care is also becoming a trendy fad by which everyone seems to be abiding by. Whether you’re an extremely hygienic person or a person who just loves to fancy a change, then you should be knowing the trending nail shapes and their descriptions. For a nail enthusiast, this may be a common thing to do, researching the domain, but for a normal person, it may require intensive effort to look it up online.

Having said that, we’ve made that task super easy for you as we’ve compiled a list of the most trending nail shapes of 2023 which will make your life easier because you’ll be able to make a choice quickly and easily. From edgy, pointy sharp to subtle, soft and angular, nail shapes may vary in form and size. The best thing about them is that you can completely customize them according to your own preferences! Here’s why you should try the latest nail shapes.

  • They make you appear more trendy.
  • They give you a unique and stylish look.
  • They make a strong fashion statement and speak volumes about your personal grooming.
  • It’ll boost your self-confidence.
  • They make you appear fashion-forward and gain experience with each of the nail types, which in turn helps you figure out the ones that suit you best.

The list goes on! Now, we will be talking about some of the top trending nail shapes of 2023.

  • Coffin Nails
    There’s something so alluring about these cut-out edges-nails that they’ve been the top trending nail shape in 2023. From Kylie Jenner to many other celebrities flaunting their newest designs on their freshly manicured set of coffin nail shapes, they’ve become the talk of the town. They not only make you appear glamorous, but they’re also a relatively safer option than stiletto nails which are very pointy and you may end up poking your eye. Coffin nail shapes are also known as Ballerina’s nails with cut-out edges, and they make the perfect set of nails for most occasions. This includes formal, as well as informal events.Coffin Nails
  • Almond Nails
    The era of pointy nails though exists but seems to be fading away. We’ve officially entered the times where angular shapes are preferred which convey a softer message rather than an intimidating one. The almond nail shape forms an angular shape and is one of the most loved nail shapes of 2023 after Coffin nails. Simplistic in their design and shape, they’re safe to use, and keeping them on won’t necessarily hinder your day-to-day tasks either, which is common in Coffin and Stiletto nails. They’re also sturdy and long-lasting then coffin and stiletto nails which are prone to cracks from the edges.Almond Nails
  • Square Nails
    This square nail shape is self-explanatory. They are flat on top with straight and sharp corners, forming a square. They do not flare out nor do they taper in. They’re a popular nail shape amongst women who have short nails and narrow nail beds. They’re typically seen as fashionable and a minimalistic option for the ones who prefer low-maintenance nails like introverts, or generally the ones who hate undergoing the hassle of managing long, pointy nails which disrupt their daily routine. Notably, this square nail shape looks great with bold colors the most.Square Nails
  • Oval Shape
    Oval nail shape are considered feminine and classy. They are generally preferred by women who have shorter nails and having these oval nail shape gives the illusion of length which is a good thing if you have longer fingers and wide or short nail beds. Oval nail shape looks best with nail art, so you could go with some floral prints or some basic linings to pump up the entire look. They’re also the low-maintenance type of nail shapes that are preferred in 2023.Oval Shape
  • Squoval
    Neither a square nail shape nor an oval nail shape, they’re squoval! These nail shapes have been quite popular in 2023 and were seen flaunted by many celebrities and influencers. They’re viewed as natural and a classic option for those who don’t like high-maintenance nails or very bold shapes. Squoval Nails suit almost everyone, hence they’re very useful that way. They look great on anyone and would suit any outfit, given that you choose a multipurpose color to go with them like shades of nude or opting for a French manicure. They’re wide and long so they’ll look good on both, short and long fingers. Geometric nail art would look best on these types of nails.Squoval
  • Stiletto Nails
    The ones you’ve all been waiting for. Stiletto nails though were quite trendy and have been existing for decades, they’ve been a bit underrated because of new nail shapes emerging. But nonetheless, they’re considered high maintenance and they elongate your hands too, making them look very attractive. If you want to make a strong fashion statement then go for these sharp, pointy, and very bold stiletto nails with pretty nail designs to make sure they stand out from the rest of the nail shapes.Stiletto Nails
  • Round Nails
    Similar to almond nails, round nail shapes are curved towards the ends. They do not have any edgy versions and rather have a soft and subtle appeal. Your daily tasks won’t be hindered by these round nail shapes and you’re sure to carry them well as they are low maintenance. Besides that, they look great on all occasions and in outfits. Simply get nice nail art done over your round nail shape, and you’re sure to leave a lasting impression!Round Nails

A Matte Or A Glossy Look In 2023?

Having discussed the top trending nail shapes, it is now important to discuss the kind of appeal they’re supposed to have to look very trendy. Starting off, nail shapes emerged with a natural glossy appeal which carried forward into the years to come, but now as we have entered 2023, the glossy look seems to be fading away while the matte look has been dominating the manicure industry. With Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and many other celebrities flaunting the matte look with their coffin, stiletto, almond or any other type of nail shapes.

A matte look conveys a deeper and mysterious message. It can leave a lasting impression on your audience. You could use some of your own creative or artistic abilities to transform your matte nails into something fancy as well. Further, it’s not to say that glossy nails are completely wiped out of the fashion industry. They’re still considered as chic and a fashionable solution to all your nail problems, but matte wins the bet with the majority of the population preferring mysterious and dull appeal.

Final Thoughts

On a concluding note it can be said that in the era of 2023, creativity is valued the most. It’s not only about the kind of nail shapes you’re planning to get, but also the sort of designing that you choose along with it. You could go with some rhinestones, or floral prints, depending on your preferences and the occasion which counts the most. Having said that, choosing an appropriate nail shape can depend on factors like:

  • The Occasion
    Coffin nails would be more appropriate for Halloween or formal sort of events, while almond nails would look great for everyday wear. You could get oval shaped for a vacation and stiletto nails for the same reason too.
  • Your Personality Type
    This is one of the most underrated factor which is not even considered when selecting a nail shape. Almond and oval shapes are generally preferred by the introverts who do not like anything high maintenance, while the extraverts may prefer bold nail shapes like coffin and stiletto owing to their adventurous and boisterous personality.

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