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Stiletto Nails – Matte Or Glossy?

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Stiletto Nails – Matte Or Glossy?

Gone are the days when the only concern for women was clothing and shoes. We’ve officially entered the era of nail grooming. With increasing demand for innovative manicures and nail art, the hype just keeps on growing. This is fuelled by celebrities endorsing the nails by uploading pictures of their freshly manicured nails on their social media accounts.

In the world of influencers, celebrities and what not – women are mostly influenced by what they see happening around them. The trend following women just observe what’s happening and quickly start adapting to those fashion trends. Similar is the case for stiletto nails. Though this type of nail shape is the most common and oldest one in the history of manicures, notably, it never goes out of style.

Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and the list goes on of all the celebrities who frequently wear stiletto nails in their music videos, along with TV shows. It is indeed a top and hottest trend in the fashion industry. Stiletto nails combined with some gorgeous nail art and gemstones to add a glamorous touch can up your ante in terms of manicure. Besides that, you may also have to choose between glossy or matte appeal of the stiletto nails. For that very purpose, let’s compare both of them.

  • Stiletto Nails Matte
    Stiletto nails can be long or short, regardless, they are always sharp and pointy towards its ends. They have an uncanny resemblance with stiletto heels. Just as the stiletto he’s comprise of a steep end, so do stiletto nails. Talking about the appeal, matte Stiletto nails feature a dry and dull look, absorbing light, instead of emoting it. Hence they’re tilted towards mystery and sophistication. It is said that they look better with shorter nails so a short version of the stiletto heels would suffice. Notably, they don’t last long though.Stiletto Nails Matte
  • Stiletto Nails Glossy
    On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have glossy Stiletto Nails. These reflect light, are super glossy and feminine. They’re more exciting because of the glowing appeal. If you want to appear more lady-like, you can opt for medium sized stiletto nails with a glossy nail polish over them to look your best. Apart from that, glossy Stiletto nails last longer and imperfections are less visible. They’re more fun to play around with. It’s like they bring life to your nails, as compared to the matte Stiletto nails which are rather dull and lack the zesty energy.Stiletto Nails Glossy

A Comparison Chart


Stiletto Nails Matte

Stilleto Nails Glossy


Boring, dull and rough

Masculine, professional and bold appeal

Exciting, glowing and shiny

Feminine, soft and friendly appeal


Do not last long – prone to visibility of imperfections

Last longer and you can hide the imperfections well


Winter season

Spring/Summer season


Formal/Halloween Parties



Absorb light

Reflect light

Final Thoughts

You may feel that both of them do not make a drastic difference on your nail appeal, but surely other people do notice. The matte nails are growing more as a trend in 2023 as people are done with the same old designs. The glossy Stiletto nails were always available to them, hence now they’re opting for something new in the form of matte nails.

Women don’t really stay content with just matte color, they also opt for various kinds of nail art to go along with the appeal of the nail. For example, adding other hues or patterns on the nail, or adding gemstones to make them somewhat exciting.

Just because matte nails are in trend, doesn’t mean you forget about the classic and timeless glossy Stiletto nails. They’re the attention grabbers. So if you have an important event to go to, glossy touch can be your best choice. Glossy stiletto nails make your nails appear more groomed and organized.

Such an appearance leaves a good impression on the audience that you are generally an approachable person. However, the vibe that matte nails give off is reserved, standoffishness. Therefore you may end up seeming unapproachable or unfriendly when you put these on for a night out. This is just my opinion though, both can be great if paired well with a cute nail art or some decorative items on top of the nails!

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