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How To Wear French Tip Coffin Nails

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When it comes to fashion, we not only want to follow all the clothing and heel trends, but also the nail trends. Of course it is mandatory for women to update their nail style just as it is mandatory for them to update or modify their footwear style. Soon as women transitioned from flats to heels post COVID-19, they also moved from simpler and common nail shapes to much more modern and edgy versions like that of coffin shaped nails!

Coffin nails are the hype in 2022. Most celebrities like Kylie Jenner are seen flaunting their beautifully manicured coffin nails in many variations including Matt, glossy, embellished, with nail art and a lot more. Since nail art has been on the rise too, women now want diversity when it comes to nails. For that purpose, most women opt for French tips with coffin nails – the uber classy version! French tips include a light pink or a nude base colour, followed by striking white coloured tips which make you seem put together.

Got a job interview or some people to impress? You can never go wrong with French tips on your coffin nails. The edgy, mysterious and the all time modern coffin nails paired up with the classic French tips will surely leave a lasting impression, making you appear confident, ladylike and more sophisticated. The great thing about this combination is that they can go well with any outfit and are appropriate for any occasion.

Here’s how you can wear French tips with coffin nails:

  • The Classic Duo – French tips with Coffin Nails
    You guessed it! First up is the one that was expected and is quite obvious. If you’re not a fan of too much glitz and glam, or don’t really need anything extra, then go for the classic light pink base with striking white coloured tips on your edgy coffin nail tips. This will give your nails a natural look which is suitable for most occasions.The Classic Duo – French tips with Coffin Nails
  • The Artistic Duo – French tips with a splash of Neon colours with Coffin Nails
    Another way to go about it and bring some zest into your bland nails would be to spice it up with some neon colours. You could add yellow with blue or even draw butterflies or cherries on top to make your nails more exciting and interesting! This idea would be more appropriate for the ones who love creativity and innovativeness. The women who appreciate art would be particularly interested in getting something done like this to their nails.The Artistic Duo – French tips with a splash of Neon colours with Coffin Nails
  • The Glitz and Glam Duo – Glittery Look on French Tips with Coffin Nails
    This one’s for the girls who just love shiny and Glittery stuff, even with their nails. You could use a splash of glitter on your coffin nails that end with French tips to add a more sophisticated and flashy glow. Ironically these nails won’t look tacky either if you get them in an alternating manner. You could even go all in if you’re going to a party, it depends on how you style the Glittery look though. The Glitz and Glam Duo – Glittery Look on French Tips with Coffin Nails
  • Making a Strong Statement Duo – French V Tips
    Ever wanted to appear bold and alluring just by the look of your nails? If you want to seem intimidating and make a strong fashion statement anywhere, then you can go for the French V Tips. These French tips not only make you look fashion forward, but also confident and feminine. They make you achieve that put together look with any outfit. The first impression when you see them on anyone would be a lasting one, leaving you amused at their sense of grooming.Making a Strong Statement Duo – French V Tips
  • Embellishments Galore – French Tips with Coffin Nails
    If you have a big wedding to attend or any other important event like a prom or a pageant, then embellished coffin nails are the way to go, along with pretty French tips. You need to deal with them tactfully though as they can be too flashy if you add them in excess amount. A few rhinestones would suffice on the top of your nails, to place emphasis on the French tips that are ultimately the hero.Embellishments Galore – French Tips with Coffin Nails

Final Thoughts

Having said that, these are just a few ideas on how you can wear French tips with coffin nails and manage to pull them off at any occasion! We hope you found this article helpful.

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