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What Types Of Nail Polish Are There – Which Is Better?

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Guide To Different Kinds of Nail Polish

Whether you’re headed out somewhere to an important event or you just want to opt for a spa day at home, nail polish is always mandatory. It not only gives you those high maintenance feels once you have it on, but you also look well groomed. But it is important to note that besides the typical nail polishes, there are so many alternatives available.

You read that right. The different kinds of nail polishes will blow your mind – thanks to the evolution of technology. Now, you don’t have to go for those tacky fake nails and instead, there are natural-looking and sturdier options available for you.

Without further ado, let’s get into the different kinds of nail polishes:

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The Different Types Of Nail Polishes

  • Basic Nail Polish
    The ones you’ve been using for centuries, the basics. From matte to natural and a glossy finish, you can find the basic nail polish in all varieties. What’s most troubling about this type of nail polish is that it’s not long lasting and it’s prone to chipping and cracks. Though many well known brands have come up with newer nail polishes which last longer, they typically don’t add a lot of finesse anymore, though they’re still used extensively as they’re cheaper.The All Time Preferred & Basics
  • Breathable Nail Polish
    A typical nail polish restricts the passing of oxygen and water through your nail beds. But with a breathable nail polish, oxygen and water can pass through the polish and nails which allows for easily manageable nails. The water permeable polish will also give your nails a chance to breathe on their own while looking stunning at the same time. They may last around one week – just the same as a basic nail polish mentioned above.Breathable Nail Polish
  • Gel Nail Polish
    Another great alternative to nail polish would be a gel nail polish which is quite popular these days. It features a hard gel which the nail technician applies over the top of your bare nail. Using a UV light to set it, it’s likely to stay on for two weeks or even longer. It can give you a longer length and you can shape them however you like (e.g. almond shape or a Stiletto). It also comes with a nice shine. However, the only downside is that it may feel too heavy on your nail beds and may damage your cuticles too.Gel Nail Polish
  • Acrylic Nail Polish
    By now, as nail enthusiasts, we all know the hype of acrylics. Not only are they expensive to get, but they’re long lasting than any other type of nail polish. The acrylic polish is made up of liquid and powder. The mixture is applied onto your bare nail and as soon as it dries, the polish hardens and can be filed or customized according to your desired shape. Similar to gel polish, they can also extend the length of your natural nail. They can last longer than two weeks, so they’d be ideal for vacations.The Popular and Chic – Acrylic Polish
  • Poly Gel
    A tell tale way to take your manicure game up a notch would be to get yourself a version version of acrylic and gel nail polish which would be Poly Gel. This polish is specially designed to give you a flawless manicure. It comes with a gel like consistency and is applied directly on your bare nails using an acrylic brush. They too, can be customized according to your own preference, so you can get them filed. This is the longest lasting polish that you can get which can last for up to 21 days with lots of care.Poly Gel
  • Dip Powder
    Last, but not the least, in this list, the dip powder. Dip powder nail polish can last around three weeks to a month. The nail technician will first apply the base coat and then a layer of pigmented powder. The process is then repeated with excess powder being removed each time, until you have an opaque manicure left. Thereon, the process is completed by applying a layer of clear powder and a sealant for a better lasting.Dip powder nail polish

Final Thought

That having said, it brings us to an end to our discussion. We hope you liked reading about the different kinds of nail polishes that you should try at least once in your life to ditch the basics! It’s not always possible to get the desired shape with a basic nail polish, so to up your ante in terms of manicure, make sure to get the trendy coffin nails or stiletto nails along with your nail polish coat to make a statement wherever you go.

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