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Stiletto Nail Designs – Make Your Nails Look Chic!

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There’s more satisfying for a woman to have perfectly manicured set of nails to flaunt. Likewise, there’s nothing more horrifying for a woman to have a set of nails which are unkempt, weirdly designed or just plain bland. This is where nail designs kick in. In a world filled with nail art and nail shapes, stiletto nails seem to be dominating the most part. Having said that, the edge, pointy and sharp nails have been trending since decades with many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner being the top followers of the nail trend.

While it is absolutely essential to get the right shape, it’s also important to choose the right design. On a shape like stiletto, many nail designs could work well, but it’s very easy to go overboard with the whole nail design idea. This may end up making your nails look tacky and unpresentable – which you do not want under any circumstances. So, in this article, we will be sharing the safest and the coolest stiletto nail designs which are sure to blow your mind and make your nails look super classy and chic.

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  • Go All White
    One of the most timeless classics out of all nail polishes. When in doubt, go for white instead of black! Literally. White suits everything and white is the colour that oozes sophistication and modernity. With sheer simplicity on the behalf of the nail colour, you’re sure to exude those minimalistic vibes. You could go for glossy white or matte finish too. The brightness of the hue, too depends on your preferences. White stiletto nails are sure to grab anyone’s attention!Go All White
  • Spring Stiletto Nails
    Spring dictates into the season of new beginnings and colourful vibes. That having said, if you go for spring Stiletto nails, you could try rainbow design or floral prints over a plain glossy base. The linings could be in neon or pastel colours depending on your preferences. It’ll add an extra pop to your nails if you go for neon colours though. For example, on a pastel pink base, try white linings or blue pastel linings to add a creative touch to it. This nail design is sure to exude the feminine charm that you desperately want to achieve!Spring Stiletto Nails
  • Pastel Colours with Embellishments
    There’s nothing quite like a set of nails with some glitz and glam that’s not too flashy or tacky when you look at them. If you go for stiletto nails which are available in pastel colours and they have some stones on it too, then you’re sure to make jaws drop. This look would be more appropriate for party type events though, as if you wear them on casual events, they may end up looking very odd. So go for a blue pastel color and add a bit of rhinestones towards the top for an extra glow and luxury appeal.Pastel Colours with Embellishments
  • Alternate Colors
    Try going for alternating colours on each of your nails to glam up your manicure style. Monochrome gets quite boring at times, so it is good to spice things up a bit. Get blue and white which are alternating even with designing. For example, one can have rhinestones, while the rest of the four do not have any. Then again, it depends on how you use your creativity to make sure that your set of nails look perfect!Alternate Colors
  • Black Ombre Stiletto Nails
    There’s something so mysterious and unique about two colours blending well together. Ombre serves the purpose just right. It consists of one light and one dark colour so that makes your nails more dramatic and appear longer than they actually are. Black Ombre Stiletto nails would look great and best of all, you could choose to create them with nude shares too, like beige or white. It’d be a perfect combination with monochromatic outfits.Black Ombre Stiletto Nails

Final Thoughts

That brings an end to our discussion. There is a plethora of designs that you could choose from and at the end of the day, it all depends on your creativity and the way you style your nails to make them unique and stylish. From an array of options available online too, inspired by celebrities and influencers, you could come up with your own unique stiletto nail design too!

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