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Ballerina Nails VS Coffin Nails

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Ever since the celebrities and fashionistas like Rhianna and Kardashian have spotted flaunting their Ballerina or Coffin Nails, it has certainly become a statement from that moment on!

Though a huge number of fans have already jumped on the bandwagon of these nail shape trends, there are still people like us wondering, what’s actually the difference between good Ballerina Nails vs Coffin Nails? Because frankly, for anyone who is not so much into nail trends, the two shapes seem pretty much the same to us!

Thus, now that we’ve established that people are keen on learning how the latest Ballerina and Coffin Nails differ from one another, let’s move on to review those differences in order to lay this discussion to rest.

Ballerina Nails vs. Coffin Nails: What’s the Difference?

No wonder that people at the salon spent quite some time differentiating between Ballerina and Coffin nails because there is a very thin line when distinguishing the two shapes. As a result, here we are with the ultimate comparison, “Ballerina Nails vs Coffin Nails” to help you out!

Take a look at this top rated guide below!

  • Tip Shape
    The key difference which sets the two shapes apart is their tip shape. As the name suggests Ballerina Nails resemble the shape of Ballerina shoes having the pointed sharp tip while Coffin shape nails have a square-flattened shape similar to a Coffin.
  • Nail Length and Width
    Although the nail length and width entirely depend on the person’s choice, there is always the standard size that enhances the beauty of that certain nail shape. As for this, the Ballerina nails are usually longer and more slender compared to square Coffin nails which tend to be slightly shorter and wider.
  • The curve of the Nails
    Well, this one is a quite really specific and subtle difference between the two trendy shapes. If you pay close attention to the detailing of the nail, you will surely observe that Ballerina nails have a little dramatic curve to them while Coffin nails have a delicate curve yet both have fine edges.
    If you are not really into nail fashion, you got to have some eyes to spot this change!
  • Overall Appearance
    All that matters, in the end, is its overall appearance and if that passes the vibe check! Therefore, if you need to give off a more refined and elegant appearance through your nails, Ballerina is the one. But, if you want to go for a striking impression on a budget, the bolder and more edgy Coffin nails will serve you the best.

How to Achieve Ballerina and Coffin Shape Nails at Home?

Now that we have a clearer image of what Ballerina and Coffin nail shapes essentially are, achieving the two nail looks at home will not be that difficult. For this reason, below we have discussed the best-rated and most simplified version of how to achieve Ballerina and Coffin shape nails at home. Take a look!

Achieving Ballerina Nails:            

Step 1: Clean your nails thoroughly with any antibacterial soap or gel and take off the nail color if painted.

Step 2: If you are going to use cheap fake nails (acrylic or gel), make sure to attach them firmly so that they don’t move forward during the process. But, if you are altering your natural nail shape, slightly trim them to attain a proper alignment for each nail.

Step 3: Once the fake nail has been perfectly fixed or your natural nails are aligned, the next step is to shape your nails with the help of a filer. All you have to do is to shape them in a way that your nails have a thicker base that steadily tapers to the top. This gives the sides a subtly triangular appearance.

This Ballerina shape unquestionably gives any outfit a dash of sophistication and femininity.

Achieving Coffin Nails:

Step 1: The first step is exactly the same. Begin by sanitizing your nails and remove any nail polish via alcohol or nail color remover.

Step 2: Slightly trim your nails to align them properly and if you are opting for false nails, secure the acrylic or gel nails as per your need so that they stay in their place.

Step 3: Now shape the nail’s sides into a point while being mindful not to chip and file them a bit too much that they start appearing extremely thin.

Step 4: Trim the nails from the front side to give a flat-squared look and once you have achieved the length and size you want you can file the nails more with a nail filer to achieve an ultra-straight (rectangular) look.

Styling Types of Ballerina and Coffin Nails

As soon as you start searching for the various kinds of Ballerina vs Coffin nails, you will be overwhelmed with choices. Regardless of whether you plump for brand fake nails or natural nails, we have got you the best way to style your Ballerina and Coffin nails.

Ballerina Nails

  • French Manicure with Red Tip
    French manicure is the ideal choice for long nails because it adds extra elegance and attractiveness to the nails. But, the further addition of a fine red line at the top and edgy part to the Ballerina nails will surely make your hands stand out. The perfect way to accentuate the shape while radiating a bold yet sophisticated vibe!]French Manicure with Red Tip
  • Rhinestone Art
    Since Ballerina nails are more slender and long, you can enjoy that extra space to play with rhinestones and experiment with your nail look according to the occasion.  Buy some rhinestones and stick them vertically at the edge or decorate the whole nail with rhinestones to give off a striking appearance. It is definitely the ‘just perfect’ look for a party!Rhinestone Art
  • Ombre Nail Art
    The more space you have on your nails the better the Ombre art will show off and thus Ballerina nails are ideal for it. Choose any one color in two hues and apply them through the Ombre nail art technique for the best results. The most inexpensive wearable option for any female!Ombre Nail Art

Coffin Nails

  • Matt Color Coffin Nails
    The first style that comes to our mind when we hear Coffin Nails is the ultimate and classic Coffin nails painted in a Matt color. The Black Matt Coffin nails are the trendiest chic nail that never goes out of style.Matt Color Coffin Nails
  • White Tip Coffin Nails
    Coffin Nails with white tips are actually the “baby boomer nails.” The faded and refined appearance of these nails makes them perfect for any wedding or even an everyday look. It is quite similar to the French Ombre art.White Tip Coffin Nails

The Pros and Cons

Although you can never go wrong with either Ballerina or Coffin Nails, it’s always important to know the pros and cons of each nail shape so that you choose the best value option for yourself.

1. Coffin Nails

Pros Cons
This can be a suitable choice for women with both long and short nails. These nails are somewhat tricky to file and that is why it costs more in salons.
Coffin nails are super trendy and fashionable. They fall under the top10 nail shapes of 2023 and have received the best ratings so far. When using acrylic nails, it’s crucial to reinforce them properly to protect them from any damage.
Whether you are using gel nails or acrylic nails, Coffin nails are a shape that suits both kinds of false nails. Maintain them every week so that they remain strong and firm for a long duration.

2. Ballerina Nails

Pross Cons
Once again these nails can always level up your game when styled properly as per the occasion. Since they are pointy, they can be a little dangerous. Also, Ballerina nails frequently snag on objects or get tangled in hair.
Ballerina Nails have longer durability compared to other pointed nails like Almond or Stiletto shapes. Thus, it is the best in the market for women who are hard on their nails. The Ballerina shape looks more cute and pretty in gel-type nails but the price gets higher with gel nails.
They are quite spacious providing you room to customize your nail art and experiment with different hues, embellishments, and designs. Not many females prefer this style for an everyday look, as it requires the highest maintenance due to its size and shape.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that Ballerina and Coffin Nails are highly similar and popular nail looks, we have presented you the benefits of Ballerina nails vs Coffin nails highlighting the best features that differentiated the two of them. Select a suitable nail shape for yourself and get them done because why not? It’s an amazing way to enhance your overall appearance.

According to nail art professionals, if you are not going to style, maintain and design them appropriately, you will never be able to rock the look. Hence, always choose the nail art and hues sensibly because these factors can certainly elevate your nail game. Lastly, it’s worth emphasizing that always take your personal preferences and style into account as well as aspects like accessibility, cost, maintenance, and durability.

Therefore, be it Ballerina nails or Coffin nails, it all depends on the way you carry them because either style is sure to draw attention and make an impact.

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