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Top 5 Brands For The Best Loafer Heels

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With it comes to fashion, no one likes to make compromises. However, not all kinds of fashion trends are appropriate for particular occasions. For formal events, sleek looking and minimalistic heels would be more appropriate then gladiator heels with lots of embellishments over them. On the other hand, for informal events, you can’t wear boring flats. Hence, it is important to consider the type of occasion before deciding on the kinds of heels that you should wear.

Loafer heels are the types which can look super classy and sophisticated. They’re not boring or traditional and instead, thanks to the newer and modern versions of them available, they are worn on casual events too, not just corporate. Keeping a pair of loafer heels in your closet will help you sort out your fashion choices well. Sometimes, it is better to go for the unexpected and look fashion forward instead of wearing the expected versions of heels like stilettos and pumps.

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Here are top 5 brands which are renowned for best loafer heels.

  • Franco Sarto
    A brand that’s known for the comfort and luxury that it offers in terms of heels. You’d be surprised to know that they have a versatile range of loafer heels. From contemporary cowboy version of loafer heels to ultra modern chic look, Franco Sarto has them all. The loafer heels by Franco Sarto exude modernity and timeless sophistication. They’re great for casual and work events.Franco Sarto
  • Madden Girl
    Aimed at younger women, with products oozing finesse, they can be worn by women of all ages, Madden Girl is sure to impress you. The prices also tend to be a bit more affordable than the main Steve Madden line. It’s under the same company but it’s geared towards younger girls.
    So, if you’re bored of all the traditional designs and are looking for something that oozes ultra modern vibes, then look no further. Madden Girl’s loafers are sure to take your breath away. Their looks are enough to charm any woman out there. Thanks to the timeless elegance and modernity that they exude, they can even give you an additional height boost. Investment in these heels won’t make you regret it.Madden Girl
  • Nine West
    We know you’re as surprised as we are, Nine West and Loafers? Sounds quite contradictory as the brand has perfected the idea of bold and adventurous heels, so the sophisticated and elegant versions are not comprehend able, coming from this brand. But what people don’t know is that it also comes up with minimalistic and sophisticated designs. The loafer heels by Nine West exude timeless grace and charm. They consist of embellishments of a chain on top of the footwear which makes them appear luxurious and classy too. So, they’d be a good choice for loafers.Nine West
  • Tory Burch
    A great brand that you should try would be Tory Burch. Just wearing loafer heels by Tory Burch would make you feel like you’re walking in luxury. The brand promises uniqueness and opulent loafer heel designs with embellishments over them too. Though they can be a bit pricey, but they’ll do you well in the long run. Also, it’s a designer brand which will likely leave a strong impression on your audience. You can find a lot of versions of loafer heels at Tory Burch and they’re mostly very chic.Tory Burch
  • Kenneth Cole
    Another brand that perfects the domain of loafer heels would be Kenneth Cole. The brand already has a great reputation in terms of heels quality and loafer heels don’t get left behind either. From unique designing to convenient heel height, you can find an array of loafer heels at Kenneth Cole of various versions too. They’d be suitable for corporate wear, as well as casual or formal wear too. You can’t go wrong with a pair of gorgeous and classy loafer heels by Kenneth Cole.Kenneth Cole

Final Thoughts

That brings an end to our discussion. Loafer heels can be great for most events and are generally considered as the safest fashion choice for women who love to look sleek and professional. You can pair them up with a nice dress or an office shirt and pant to make a strong fashion statement. Besides that, they can be your saviour for interviews too!

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