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What are Block Heels?

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What are Block Heels

Marilyn Monroe was not wrong when she said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”. Similarly, it is always a nice feeling to have elongated legs and accentuating figure owing to putting on stiletto heels – the confidence is always on another level. But there also comes existential dread which you feel setting in after hobbling around for, about an hour, into an event and wondering how you’ll make it till the end of the event while your feet are literally not cooperating.

We don’t blame your feet, high heels can oftentimes leave you feeling that way. Some celebrities often get back and foot massages because of the damage caused by wearing stiletto heels for prolonged hours. This is when block heels can be your ultimate savior. Unlike the incredibly thin bases of stiletto heels, block heels come with broad bases. They may vary from slender bases to a full wedge. They offer more support and stability too.

The trends have been changing in the domain of heels where thin, narrow and spiky stilettos are considered as ‘so yesterday’ and block heels are taking over. Contemporary designs for block heels are being showcased which are catching everyone’s attention, especially if a celeb is seen wearing them. Here are a few examples.

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  • Emilia Clarke in Calvin Klein’s platform heels. With a wood carved design, they easily stand out and give her legs the perfect balance.
    Emilia Clarke in Calvin Klein’s
    Thanks to the nature the heels – chunky base (blocks).
  • Shailene Woodley in Calvin Klein’s newest collection of woven leather sandals, featuring open toes, chunky and hard base of the heel. Looks like CK has been the favourite for most celebrities in terms of block heels.
    Shailene Woodley in Calvin Klein’s
  • Victoria Beckham dropping the cigarette thin stilettos and opting for block heels with a unique blend of pumps.
    Victoria Beckham

Why Should You Wear Block Heels? The Benefits Summarized

  • First things first, comfort. Block heels are generally opted by women who prioritize comfort over fashion trends. This stance is justified as not every woman is willing to give up their comfort for the sake of wearing cigarette thin stilettos in which their feet may get misbalanced, resulting in a huge embarrassment if that happens at a major event in front of other people. To stay on the safe side, block heels are preferred.
  • They work well on all surfaces. There’s always an innate fear with stiletto heels on certain platforms like a stage, yacht and soft ground where they may not work well. Block heels, on the other hand, are more sturdy so they are more appropriate for such surfaces.
  • Naturally make you feel more confident and feminine. Although the silhouette of long, high stiletto heels may be more convincing, you’d be surprised to know how Uber-Cool block heels look if you get the newest designs. With block heels, you won’t have the innate fear of tripping or falling which can make you appear more confident and feminine.

Comparison between Block Heels VS Stiletto Heels

Block Heels Stiletto Heels
Wide and chunky base Thin and narrow base
Ease of wear because of open backs (generally) Difficulty in wearing because of straps (generally)
Steady and pressure absorbent Provides support Can cause misbalances because of thin base
Can look heavy and clunky under dresses Better looking because of lightweight materials
Too casual Better for formal

Final Thoughts

Over the years, heels have evolved from Oxfords, to kitten, stilettos, block and so on and so forth. While each one of them is unique on their own, notably block heels are generally considered more comfortable and you’re very unlikely to get health problems like back aches or feet sprains as a result of wearing them. On the other hand, wearing stilettos can be exciting, but can take a toll on your feet and health as a whole in many ways. However, if you have practice and confidence then you can wear whichever one you prefer – as they say – each to their own!

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