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Top Trending Heels To Wear In 2023

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Types Of Heel Shapes

If there’s one thing that we all agree upon in terms of fashion – it would be to look for trends that make us stand out from the crowd, or at least, complement our bodies. Whether it’s an outfit or a pair of trendy shoes, you’d want to pick something that accentuates your figure and feet. When we talk about different types of heels, there’s a plethora of options from which we can choose from.

In this article, we will be jotting down the top trending types of heel shapes that you must try in 2023. Ditch the old trending shoes and welcome the new ones to look exquisite and unique. From designers like Salvatore Ferragamo designing F Shaped Heels to designers coming up with heels with red bottoms, the options can make your jaws drop.

Without further ado, let’s head onto our list of the top trending heels to wear in 2023:

  1. The Square Shape Heels
    They are popularly known as block heels, as the name suggests, they are square shape heels blocks that offer you maximum comfort even if they have a high heel height. Recently though, we have tapered block heels and many other variations too. So check that out as well.
    The Square Heels
  2. Geometric Heels
    A new trend that we’ve been noticing is that of geometric heels. From circles to cylinders and even triangles, geometric heels have been taking over the fashion industry where high-end and well-reputed designers like Givenchy, Jeffrey Campbell, and even Dolce & Gabbana are coming up with variations of their own. Geometric Heels
  3. Cone Heels
    A trend that’s been existing for a long time and is quite underrated for the wrong is cone heels. The cone shape is considered a traditional one, but as the designers like Giuseppe Zanotti and Gianvito Rossi have come up with their own variations of cone heels as well, they’re slowly rising toward the top of the trending shoe style too.Cone Shaped Heels
  4. Comma Heels
    Fairly new and contemporary trendy high heels which have gained quite a lot of fame owing to the celebrities flaunting them, the comma heels take the form of the punctuation mark of a comma. They can be inward or outward. Gia Borghini and Mercedes Castillo have also showcased their stunning collection of Comma high heels.Comma Heels
  5. Spool Heels
    Spool heels have been a trend on and off. In the 21st century, they’re back in fashion in the types of high heels as many celebrities are spotted wearing them and designers are spotted styling them. These spool heels are the type that is wide at the top and bottom while being narrow in the middle. They resemble a cotton spool or an hourglass to a fault. Spool heels are simplistic, yet dramatic and super classy.Spool Heels
  6. Flare Heels
    With the flare jeans and mommy jeans coming back into the trend, flare heels have been hyped up lately too. They may be thick or thin from the top and bottom but usually spread out towards the bottom end which is why they are called ‘flare’ heels. They can give you more balance and support, unlike the stiletto heel shape in which chances of tripping are double-fold.Flare Heels
  7. Sculpted Heels
    This newest shoe trend is essentially a cousin of the block heel. Inspired by designers like Jacquemus and Creatures of Comfort, the sculpted heels vary in height. What makes it ‘sculpted’ is the use of an Asymmetrical shape as the heel or the distortion of what the wedge of a shoe usually looks like. They can take your heels game to the next level as these sculpted heels are one of the top trending heel shapes.Sculpted Heels
  8. F Shaped Heels
    While only adopted by Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and a few other designers at present, F Shaped Heels resemble geometric heels. It can take a lot of practice to walk in them as they take the literal form of the letter F. They may not be the most comfortable pair out there, but once you get a hang of them, the trend is easy to follow with this chunky heels pair.F Shaped Heels

Final Thoughts

There can be numerous types of heel shapes available and if you browse more, you’ll find shapes as bizarre as a balloon shape. It may seem overwhelming to you, but if you’re a heels enthusiast, you’re going to want to try all of them no matter how weird they seem. After all, nothing is ever weird in fashion if you style and carry it well. That having said, browse through the designer brands to make your picks and get your hands on the most unique pairs out there. Since survival of the fittest is everyone’s strategy, make sure you don’t miss out! All the best.

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