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Fendi – Stiletto Heels Brand Review

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When we talk about Italian brands, they’re always on the top in terms of quality and reliability. Specifically in terms of footwear, Italian designers have worked relentlessly to come up with classic and stylish heel designs which cater to the contemporary fashion trends. One of the Italian designer brands which excels in offering versatility and luxury at its best, includes Fendi.

About Fendi

Fendi was founded in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi. With high attention to hand crafting, Fendi’s craftsmanship along with creating furs with its unique savoir-faire, remains the top most priority and is its unique selling point. The name of the brand is gender neutral and means to split.

Catering to millions of customers, Fendi has 215 stores worldwide. The brand was created in Rome. It primarily targets young women, aged between 20-30. Women who are interested in shopping and entertainment are a part of Fendi’s demographics. Fendi’s services extend to UK, India, Mexico and other places too, besides US.

The Types of Heels Available at Fendi

Fendi offers a range of stiletto heels for women under the category of heels.

Types of Heels Mules
Stilleto Heels
Block Heels
Boots and Booties

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Who Wears It?

Fendi is majorly based in USA, but serves other countries like Mexico, India along with UK too. Some of the famous people who love Fendi include the following:

Celebrities Who Wear Fendi:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Hailey Baldwin
  3. Gigi Hadid
  4. Nicki Minaj
  5. Jennifer Lopez

The brand is worn by the masses and is not just restricted to celebrities. Though I do not own a pair of heels by Fendi, some of my friends do, and they swear by the brand’s durability, so they are worth the investment.

Is it for me?

If you’re between the ages of 20-30 and have a zest for fashion trends, then Fendi is for you. This brand is targeted towards women who don’t mind spending a bit on fashion. You can go for this brand if you are the bold, creative or fashion forward type of a person.

Criteria Based Rating: Fendi

Design & Style 9/10
The brand has a diverse range of collection in terms of styling of the heels (i.e., with features, etc.), colours, fur, heel shapes, etc.
Colour Range 4/10
It has a limited range of colours available.
Affordability 8/10
Most of the heels of Nine West fall under $75 which makes them quite affordable than the rest of the designer stiletto heels.
Celebrity Preference 9.5/10
It has a loyal list of celebrity following from Dua Lipa to Jennifer Lopez, and many others.

Similar Stiletto Brands like Fendi

  • Similar to Steve Madden heels where you can get uber-stylish heels of various designs, at Fendi, you can do the same.
  • Like Sam Edelman, Fendi’s stiletto heels are loaded with a versatility in the form of embellishments. From basics to colour pops and furs, all are available at both brand retail outlets!

Some of the Best Fendi Stiletto Heels!

Where To Buy Fendi

Some of the platforms where you can find Fendi Heels at:

When Do You Wear Fendi Stiletto Heels?

Types of Heels Suitability Rating
Casual 9/10
Party 9/10
Formal 9/10
Bridal 2/10

Fendi – Shipping and Return Policy

Countries Shipping & Return Policy
United States Shipping: 3-5 days

Return: within 14 days from the delivery of your order.

United Kingdom Shipping: 2-3 business days

Return: within 14 days from the delivery of your order.

Canada Shipping: 4-6 business days

Return: within 14 days from the delivery of your order.

Australia Shipping: 2-5 business days

Return: within 14 days from the delivery of your order.

At A Glimpse: Customer Feedback Regarding Fendi

Though Fendi has a loyal customer base which includes famous celebrities too, who religiously invest in the heels by Fendi, it should be noted that the customer reviews reflect negative feedback about its customer service. The customers claim that Fendi’s customer service is disrespectful, does not get the repair issues sorted timely and they are generally very dissatisfied with it. On the other hand, the positive reviews about Fendi suggest that the brand’s footwear, especially boots and heels are durable and long lasting.

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