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Comma Heels: What Are They?

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What Are Comma Heels?

Curves in any form are beautiful. Designers have picked up upon this idea quite intensively. Gone are the days when we used to have only a few types of heels like block heels or pointy stiletto heels. Today heels have curves too! Take the examples of spool heels, kitten heels, Cuban heels, f-shaped heels, geometric sculpted heels and so many more.

One of the types of heels with curves includes comma heel shoes. Similar to the punctuation mark, the heel shape takes the form of an inward or an outward comma. This adds to the finesse and creativity of the comma shoes, making you appear unique and fashion-forward. The slender looks of the comma heel shoes can be enough to be the ultimate show stoppers and head turners.

History & The Recreation of the Trend

The iconic comma heel shoes were initially designed by Vivier in the 1950s and were called the “Roger Vivier Comma Heel. It acted as a precursor to the stiletto heels. Being the designer of Dior, he had a great reputation for setting a very high standard in terms of heel designs and the bent and squatted comma heel shoes were one of his bests.

Fast forward to 2023, we have versatile versions of the Roger Vivier comma heel shoes ranging from Slingback style and pump heels to ankle tie and comma boots. A decade ago, they featured tall and slightly flared looks with inwards bend. Today, we have outwardly bent Roger Vivier comma heels which are low height as well. In the modern era, they come in metallic and chalky shades too.

Which Brands Have The Best Comma Heels?

Designer brands like Gia Borghini, Sergio Rossi, Aquazzura, Mercedes Castillo, Chloe, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, and many other high-end brands boast excellent and stunning comma heels which can come in the form of comma boots or the comma booties, strappy looks, mule style, and many others for you to explore.

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Pros & Cons Of Wearing The Comma Heels

Pros Cons
They look ultra-modern and super chic. They not only ooze trendy vibes but also make a strong fashion statement They can be somewhat uncomfortable as compared to convenient heel options like chunky heels or block heels
They are available in a plethora of designs including open-toe, strappy, leather, suede, croc embossed, etc. They can be high maintenance and may be prone to breakages as compared to sturdy platform heels or chunky heels
Designer brands like Jimmy Choo and Sergio Rossi endorse comma heels, so they can be great to show off. The sole material is thicker so it can feel very heavy and may cause joint fatigue and lesions. They can make you feel tired easily.
Many renowned celebrities go for this Uber chic version of heels as well including Selena Gomez and many others. Crafted with utmost precision, hence they have been priced higher than average stiletto heels or anything related.

The Best Looks of Roger Vivier Comma Heel

  • The Timelessly Classy Leather Look
    Get a pair of D’Orsay comma heels with a pump-inspired look and the opulent and exquisite gloss of leather. They will not only make heads turn but can go well with most of your outfits too – as black is the go-to color for most women. Corporate, formal, or informal, black leather heels with a comma shape can look appropriate for all events.The Timelessly Classy Leather Look
  • The High-End Slingback Suede Look
    Want to stand out from the crowd and ensure that you ooze feminine and trendy vibes? Then go for a nice pair of slingback comma heels and ensure that the material is suede to exude sophistication. Better yet, go for a pastel color if your dress has a striking appearance already.The High End Slingback Suede Look
  • The Dramatic Gladiator or Ankle Tie Look
    If you want to spice things up a bit, then you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of Roger Vivier comma heels with a strappy look to add a dramatic and upbeat touch to your look. If you’re an outgoing and boisterous kind of person, then this look is for you! You can add more finesse to your party girl look by getting them in a metallic color.The Dramatic Gladiator or Ankle Tie Look

Final Thoughts

All in all, it can be said that comma shoes heels are now the talk of the town as more and more designers keep coming up with innovative designs. It would be advisable for you to join the bandwagon and stay up-to-date with all the fashion trends. Color coordinate the comma shoes heel with your outfit by going for a monochrome look, a snake leather look, or any other striking appearance that you could think of, and get ready to make jaws drop whenever you go. Plus, they’d be an excellent addition to your heels collection too, so why not try them out yourself? Browse through the designer brands mentioned above to get your grabs at a prompt!