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Wearing Nylons With Heels

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Wearing Nylons With Heels

The combination of nylons and high heels has been existing since decades. The combination produces chic and stylish vibes which are generally suited well for work wear and night outings. Covering your bare legs with nylons can raise the bar for looking professional at workplaces. They also add color and style to your overall appeal which is again, a great thing.

Which Occupations Require Nylons?

Ever wondered which professions would require you to wear nylons? Some of those professions include:

  • Models
  • Saleswomen
  • Retailers
  • Businesswomen

Even if your profession is unrelated to the above-mentioned fields, you may still opt for the uber-chic nylons with heels for a put together look.

Having said that, let’s discuss some of the mandatory tips to follow as you try to rock nylons with heels.

  • Heels should be in a darker colour than the nylons. If your heels are in red colour, go for hose.
  • Make sure your legs are shaved and neat! If you want the nylons to look great and smooth, then take good care of your personal hygiene.
  • Don’t wear extremely short skirts. Sure, they’ll look great with a pair of stiletto heels, but with nylons, you’d be conveying a wrong message if you wear them to your workplace. So be mindful of the place you’re wearing them at.
  • Try patterned nylons with heels on plain outfits for an extra lift. Textured nylons can surely leave a lasting impression and make a strong fashion statement about your preferences.
  • Nylons look best with boots. Try buying ankle high boots with nylons to achieve that put together, alluring look, especially during the winter season.

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Can You Wear Nylons With Open Toe Heels?

The answer is simple – definitely. Peep toe heels with nylons would look great and make you look mysterious yet very charming. Besides that, square toe heels which are open toe would also look great with nylons. You could pair up some peep toe heels featuring a slingback style with textured nylons to look fabulous at a night out. Besides that, nylons look great even with closed toe heels, but that look is generally more appropriate for the winter season.

Are Nylons Comfortable to wear?

This is a debatable question. For most women, nylons can be quite irritating and control top nylons just scare them away. However, for some, though they are quite uncomfortable, but opt for the softer versions unlike the thin, net ones which can also cause allergies to your skin (in rare cases). Nonetheless, wearing Nylons during the summer season can be a pain, even if it’s for a night out. It takes a lot of boldness and courage to wear them during the summer season, as even the thinnest versions can have you dreading at the fact that you’re wearing more than one layer of clothing on your legs.

How To Wear Nylons With Heels?

  • Pair up some heels and nylons with a mini skirt and professional dress shirt. This will help you achieve that professional look at workplace and making you get that corporate wardrobe in check.
  • Pair up some stiletto heels with nylons with a thigh high dress to make people stunned by your look. This look can be appropriate for night outs or parties.
  • Pair up some high heel boots with nylons under a shirt, jacket with a skirt to look great in the winter season and make yourself feel warmer at the same time!

Final Thoughts

On a concluding note, we can say that though wearing Nylons with heels is not always recommended for all professions, except some, the best time to wear them would be during the winter season, unless your workplace has mandated you to wear them, in which case, you can check out some cool styles online to up your ante in terms of fashion. Surely, nylons with heels can leave a lasting and strong impression so do try this one out where it is appropriate!

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