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Try “Tights With Heels” – They Looks Awesome!

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‘This the season – the winter season where we must wrap our arms around fuzzy blankets, cozy nights in, hot bowl of soups, and most importantly, some warm tights with our boots if we plan to head outdoors. Although there are some people who are daring and can tolerate the chilly winds with bare legs and warm boots, but the majority prefers adding extra layers to save our skin from blistering cold winds. Notably, tights are not winter-restricted apparel and can be worn in summer under dresses too but pairing them up with heels correctly can not only make you look chic, but also feel warmer.

Though there are major stereotypes and fashion faux pas attached with pairing heels with tights, often people forget about the dos and don’ts which get blurred in the derogatory remarks. Fortunately for you, we have made the perfect combos which will protect you from such remarks or prejudice by reviewing which heels would look better with tights. Here are some examples with celebrities’ references:

  • Ankle Boots With Tights 
    The style-forward, and fashionista, Victoria Beckham is seen wearing ankle boots with black opaque tights and she is completely nailing the look with a casual street style in a winter season. You could do the same.ankle-boots-with-tights
  • Pump Heels With Semi-Opaque Tights
    Here’s a pictorial representation of the gorgeous, Kate Middleton in high heel pumps, paired up with semi-opaque black tights for an effortlessly graceful look. Not only do you get to show off a bit of your skin but do so in a nonchalant way. You won’t be the odd one out if you manage to pull the look off just like Kate did, or even better!pump-heels-with- semi-opaque-tights
  • Oxford Heels With Tights
    The singing sensation, Taylor Swift is seen in basic, black oxford heels with opaque black tights for a casual street-style look. You could imitate the style in a slightly different way but just wearing a midi dress or a mini skirt over the tights to effortlessly look great. At the end of the day, it is all about how well you can carry your outfit which translates into the overall look.oxford-heels-with-tights
  • Over-The-Knee Boots With Fishnet Tights
    Here’s how you can take your fashion-forward style to the next level by pairing up some alluring fishnet tights with over the knee stiletto heel boots. You could wear shorts or mini skirt over it to make the look more dramatic. Sofia Vergara is seen wearing fishnet tights with over the knee boots with a basic, leather mini skirt and a printed jacket.Over-The-Knee Boots With Fishnet TightsNow that we’ve had the discussion of how to wear tights with heels, let’s now dig in into the don’ts – heels which should NOT be paired with tights.
  • Cowboy Boots
    Yes, you’d wonder why as we have previously mentioned about ankle and over the knee boots looking good with tights. The thing with cowboy boots is that they look better without the tights, and they’re designed to be that way. So, it is better to avoid tights in this situation.Cowboy Boots
  • Peep-Toe Heels
    The purpose of peep-toe heels just gets lost if you wear tights with them. The peep-toe heels are supposed to show your skin, and wearing tights, even fishnet tights, can look extremely bizarre, ultimately ruining your entire look.Peep-Toe Heels

Final Thoughts

Pairing up tights with heels can be a tricky task, especially if it is the summer or spring season. In the winter season, it is common to see women wearing them on pumps, stiletto heels, boots, and similar footwear. Some heels come with tights attached to them too, so you should try that one out too!

Besides that, it all comes down to how well-versed you are with the major fashion trends. Make sure to stay updated via magazines, fashion runways, etc. to imitate fashion trends in a good way. In the pursuit of wanting attention by following bizarre fashion trends, only do us more harm than good. Get a second opinion if you’d like and wear your outfit with confidence – the most important thing you can own.

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